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The long-awaited holidays are finally here and with it our panoramic view to discover new places and experience many adventure opens to endless possibilities.
Of course we can add to this the STYLE factor and there we'll have the perfect summer.
Perhaps one of my biggest dreams is to travel without baggage limit and dress in a very sophisticated and chic way while visiting any place. Each city has a different style and atmosphere to be taken into account. No questions ask, you have to get and absorb the energy of each iconic location.
That's the ultimate travel commandments. Make each city your home for a short period of time. So you become like Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca "a citizen of the world"
Dresses, pants, turbans, heels, sneakers ... how difficult is choosing the perfect choice. But in the end you are free to do as you please. Turn into a wanderess, like Roman Payne would say, free in her wildness belonging to no man and to no city. (Nothing against boys, I'm just quoting here :P)
Below you'll find 6 of the most exhilarating and amazing cities around the globe among a few of my favourites.
Places I would love to go and places I've been and would love to live in. Enjoy!
I'm a Berlin City girl.

This is my home away from home. I know the city like the palm of my hand. It is the european New York but more gentle, fun, eclectic, contemporary and relaxed. From museums to night clubs to little cafes and fancy restaurants from a great variaty of mideastern ethnicities there's no city more inviting for it's developing culture and even weather than this. It's Fashion industry is growing and proposing by the minute and it was exactly that which made me decide to open my blog. I don't only cherish Berlin for it, but because it was the first city I really lived in!
No parents, strings or anything attached. Just a little loft in Kurfürstendamm, a friend and a map.
For this city I would wear something trendy like leather shorts, because the heat is unbearable, paired with a boxy white top and an oversized necklace. Shoes? You'll be walking around so you might as well pick something comfortable but as cool as the rest so flatforms are your best choice. A nice satchel to carry all the shopping but be ready for adventure is a must and a fedora will be perfect to protet you from the killer sun beams.
I have no clue if it is a geek's thing, but the mythological appeal from Greece is spectacular.
Apart from that, Mykonos seems like the most beautiful island all built in a mountain surrounded by cristal clear water, an amazing port and it's entire constructions painted blue and white with stoned paths. It's like a dream and it would be a dream come true to visit.
For that mediterranean weather a caftan dress would be the perfect breezy option. Paired with Straw accesories, lots of bangles, gladiators and sun kissed makeup.
New York, New York!
If cities had sexes, NYC would be a well adjusted transexual.
There's just action in every corner. People running around to get to work, shopping, University, WallStreet, Broadway, Central Park, Brooklyn, Soho or any other amazing place.
After that trip with my Daddy, it's been my dream to live there and work in the Fashion industry.
Of course, the fashionable allure of the city comes from its history, magic, and numerous iconic series and movies that have been shot there. For that reason I decided to create a look based on my dream of living there and working in Fashion, a bit of Blair Waldorf and a necessary pinch of Carrie Bradshaw to create this divine look to run around in Manolo pumps, a marabou skirt and a silk blouse from work to dinner at the Rusian Tea Room or Cosmos at the Oak Room.

Sao Paulo
Probably my number one destiny on my travel list.
I have been obsessed with Brasil before this World Cup madness.
My grandma lived there a few years and all I could listen to at her house had to do with Samba or Sergio Mendes. So, with Mas que nada stick to my heart the colors and rythm of Brasil are like a magnet. That's why I would choose a very explosive look. Bright orange accesories and pieces that are a statement by itself. A crackle asymmetric skirt, with a crop top to give it the tropical touch, long earrings and lots of golden bangles to dance and enjoy a bit of the carnaval vibe at the city.
Definitely am dying to go there!

A city where history and technology clash.
Old neighborhoods have become hot spots for lunch or shopping, but at the same Time, after going to the tower of shanghai and appreciate the evolution of this city, we can still visit Chinese temples and appreciate those milenary roots.
The Asian continent has had a development in the fashion industrywith no precedents. Luxury brands have complete collections addressed only to that market, which is divided into subcultures of street style. It is a parallel world in which the trained eye can appreciate the beauty of the individuality of each group. And in orther to blend in one must know how to mix&match the best of high and low Fashion for the daily life. Always keeping in mind that asian peope do not fear a great statement, so the more original, the merrier.
A silk blouse paired with printed capri pants and mules are comfortable and perfect for a musum and then drinks. The originality lies on the accesories. A leather cap, sporty chic, to protect from the sun and those amazing Mickey sunnies from Jeremy Scott.
Paris my love...
Such a corny city. I couldn't belive I was even there. There is a special attraction every girl develops towards it. I don't know if it has to do with the fact that couture was born there... or perhaps the romanticism of it's architecture and little cafes that could be the perfect set for a princess novel.
Parisian women are masters in the art of combining the most beautiful clothes with fast Fashion garnments to come up with the ultimate casual look.
The ace up their sleeve.
Black skinnies with sky high stilettos. A mans shirt with pearls, a gown with a Straw bag. Black Chanel. Yes, Chanel. So you can choose practically  everything as long as it has a Little luxury on it.
This is why I chose well fitted jeans, a sweater, a Stella McCartney back pack and Chanel leather Spadrilles to walk along the Senna and eat Maccaroons at Ladurée.

Well, Mexico has the most beautiful beaches in the world, that I can tell...
But Aruba seems to be a new hot spot for Young, fun and stylish people. I'm very curious so I would love to see why it is so amazing.
Cro tops would be my must in tropical locations. That paired with a high waisted skirt, mules and tons of accesories.

What would be your dream travel destiny?
Pack your bags, pick the shoes, choose the destiny, travel and get infected by the wanderlust...
Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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