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Hey my beloved readers!
Thank god it's friday and I suppose some of you are watching or enjoying the World Cup.
Well, I'm not a soccer fan but might as well watch a game where Matt Hummels appears (Oops soccer crush haha)
So I'm here blogging about my last obsession while drinking some Green tea. Oh yeah, there's no better decompression than this.

6 Seasons, two weeks and I finally know why everybody is soooo in love with Chuck Bass.
Ok now I'm traumatized with him, but truth is I  started watching the show because they told me fashion was a key element.
I'm not a TV-series kind of girl, or at least wasn't. I don't find myself every week waiting for the next chapter to be broadcast, I'm always doing tons of things that don't allow me to be there every week at the same time and watch TV. But Netflix is your best friend if you need flexible hours so here I am now becoming a fan of all sorts of dramas.
I was waiting for Fashion and more Fashion to emerge. But no. It wasn't Sex&TheCity or the Carrie Diaries where mostly everything revolves around it
This was a drama about the Upper East Side. Dear god, the parties, the dresses, the food, the place.... Oh New York... is there anything better than that?
Nope. SO I started watching and loving every single sheme from Blair and Dorotha although I found them very cruel and Serena, always a little confussed trying to choose which guys was the most suitable for her. 
Well the story continued and the most symbolic locations in the city poped up. The Oak Room, The Russian Tea Room, The Waldorf Astoria and of course Bergdorf Goodman... and that's where it came clear that it wasn't about the clothes but the allure they brought to the scenes so.
In conclusión I love the series. Its true one should work like a Humphrey, think like a Bass, behave like a Waldorf and dress like a Van Der Woodsen.
Probably dress like a Bass to if you are a guy, because his style evolution is pristine. From ugly-scarf-jackass to ... well... Chuck Bass.
So If I had to round up to 10 style lessons we could learn from this series those would be:
Make coats and patterned tights a part of your outfits.
Never be afraid to mix & match.
Wear sequins day and night. One crazy piece the others toned down.
Flip flops are not shoes.
Become BFF with a tailor.
A Blazer is your must have piece.
The more statement necklaces the merrier.
Total Black looks are something you can't go wrong with.
Either wear heels or oxfords.
In the end it's not about the clothes, but the attitude.
Chic Business Woman  

20's Power Couple

Because a stylish boyfriend to go to brunch with is a non negotiable.

FNO isn't something to be taken lightly

Never be afraid of color matching

Elegance & Class

Plaid Winter is never out of style

Sharply dressed all in black

Women in black, but Men in White.
Definetely a must watch...
You know you'll love it...
Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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