Beauty: 5 Makeup Faux Pas!

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It might be our bossy alter ego, or the great amount of trust our parents gave us (thanks) but there are times when we see that someone is making a mistake we can not remain silent.
So after research and reading here I've gattered the 5 makeup faux pas we all do of which we must be aware to polish our technique.
It's just some friendly advise.... Happy Beauty Wednesday!

Applying it after foundation can have a counter effect and instead of concealing imperfections will only accentuate them. Now, as tempting as it may be to just smudge it under the eyes and make those stress(designer) bags dissapear that will have a reverse-racoon effect.
Tilt your head down in front of the mirror instead, to see where the shadows actually fall and then conceal that area.

I personally don't like it because many women don't use the right shade, still it is very good to make color last longer and give a cleaner silhouette.
The correct way to apply it is not by starting from one corner and dragging it all the way to the other one, but by making an X at your cupid's bow and then adding a dash to the center of your bottom lip. Afterwards draw a sideways V in each corner conect and obtain fierce lips.

When used dry this beauty won't blend and deliver that smooth finish we love. It might be weird to wet your foundation but that's the key to make your makeup step up.
We all like to achieve bronzed goddess status and sometimes that wish turns into an obsession that makes us look like doritos (Terrible indeed)
Don't accentuate too much a la RuPaul, just add dimensión by applying in the shape of a 3: hit the hairline, then the cheekbones and finidh with the jawline.
Normally no need instructions to use mascara but with so many types of brush, explain the use of the curvature may be necessary. instead of placing the brush under the tabs, use it up, including eyelashes and partado and give it a little twist. and it will press the pesteñas that haa that naturally enchinen enchinador without an ending breaking them.
Just a little heads up to improve our makeup routine...
Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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