Keep or Toss?

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Let's face it, without regular organization our closet (or at least mine) quickly starts to look like a disaster zone and that is why it's almost routine that with the arrival of summer we decide to take the time to do some cleaning and that's probably the best idea before looking where to put our summer shopping and get ready for the upcoming season!

But making room in our closet and saying goodbye to those things that have been with us for so long it's always an agonizing task.
Because it is not only about cleanliness, but about categorizing everything you have and getting rid of stuff you do not wear anymore.
After all, what good is that perfect night outfit, if you forget you even have it? Next time you have a few spare hours, I suggest cleaning out your closet and finding all of your favorite pieces again, because it's a thousand times better to know how much we have and wear, before ending buried under a useless pile of clothes we don't. Ok, that will always happen when choosing an outfit.
But either way, best to now what we have and get rid of what we don't need.
I've made up a guide to simplify your life and make the rather emotional process of cleaning your closet this summer easier.
First thing you need is to make a mess, before you can get to organizing. Throughout time, it is really easy for items to get stuffed in the back and pushed behind others. The best way to start organizing your closet is to start at square one: an empty closet. You might think that's crazy, but you will discover clothes, shoes and accessories that you have not seen in months.
Now that you have a complete pile of mess on your bed or bedroom floor, it is time for some organization. It is time to divide your clothes into three categories: keep, donate, and toss. If you are having trouble deciding if you should keep an item, ask yourself these questions:

1.- Have you worn it in the past?
2.- Does it fit your current style?
3.-Would you buy it right now if you were shopping?
4.- Does it make you feel confident and attractive?
5.- Is it likely something you'll wear again?
6.- Does it fit properly?
7.- Is it something you might inherit?
8.- Is it stained or damaged?
9.- Can it be fixed or modernized?
10.- Does it make you feel stylish?

If you answered “yes” to most of those questions, you should probably hang on to that item.
If you answered “no”, to one or more of those questions you may consider donating the item. Remember to keep in mind, that you should only donate clothes that are clean and in good conditions. If the item is in disrepair, consider tossing it.

Now, when you finally have everything you want to keep you can choose between organizing per season, color or clothing type. That's how I order my clothes. First coats, then dresses, blouses and skirts each with their hook type.
Yes, this might take up an entire afternoon, but a clean, well-organized closet (instead of a confusing, jumbled mess of clothes and accessories) means you will maximize all your purchases, and come up with stylish outfits even on hectic mornings. 
So, play some music, start cleaning and then tell me how it goes..
Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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