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Every day seems to be less and less promissing to be a sunny one and that makes my cozy sheets more seductive to spend a day in curled up in bed watching a new chapter of Orange is the New Black with a cup of green tea, a face mask and my entire collection of nail polish. However the other day I wanted to watch corny movies with my mom, you know, those that make you fall in love, cry, laugh and wish you could find a prince charming right away to go through all that beautiful drama together. But what happens every time you desperately want to watch a movie?
You don't know what to watch. So, after lots of thinking and questioning my friends I've gattered a compilation of the best chick flicks of all times. Those that will be at your disposal in a slumber party, after a breackup, makeup, marriage and kids to enjoy alone or accompanied by your girl besties because boys find them to corny, but girls find a delight and will watch over 500 times.
Hope you like it and enjoy!
Let me know if you would add others..

The Devil Wears Prada

The City, The Job, The Fashion.
Gird your loins people!  the best chick flick of all time has to be this!
You just can't beat watching Meryl Streep as the scary fashion editor from hell, Miranda Priestly. The film centres around her assistant Andy Sachs (a little bit goofy, naive and extremely unfashionable), played amazingly by Anne Hathaway, who does a makeover scene better than anyone else in Hollywood!
"And you want a job here, despite having no personal sense of fashion or style ...?"
"Well, I think that's a matter of -"
"It is not a question."
So, yes after a thousand times I would say that Andy's crazy adventure in Runway magazine is a must for a rainy afternoon.

"....We’ll always have Paris. We didn’t have it anymore, we lost it until you came to Casablanca. We got it back last night....”
The romance and glamour of the 40's are the main ingredients in the tale of an impossible love starring Humphrey Bogart as the tough gentleman and Ingrid Bergman as his beloved, taking place in the moroccan town of Casablanca. 
Of course that poise and fashion of the Era makes this black and white classic a must watch for girls and even boys... if only some of them would pick up Bogart's je ne sai quoi...

Letter's to Juliet
Imagine a miraculous place in Italy where you could leave a letter about your love problems and questions and receive an answer wherever you are. Then picture yourself finding your true love in the process, by helping someone else in the quest to find hers. There are few movies more corny tan this... But those corny things keep your hopes up to find the one...

Bridget Jones Diary
This is the type of movie where everything that can possibly go wrong, goes wrong.
Bridget is an innegable mess. She has no tolerance to frustration, no hot body, no pretty face, no sense of style, no class, no nothing, but despite all this. She finds her prince charming and in the end this one fights the evil doush to win over her heart. The most akward middleage-crisis-love-story ever. Perfect to laugh and cry out loud...

Any girl loves herself a bad boy, but a bad boy who can dance... that's hitting jackpot!
Kevin Backon in his early 20's is responsable to bring fun back to a very religious town where none can dance, party or even listen to rock & roll. Fun if you consider yourself a dancing queen.

10 Things I hate about you
This movie brings me good memories.
I watched it together with my 2 best friends while we cuddle up the couch with a cup of english breakfast tea. It is the typical (very relatable) story of the proud teenage girl who things herself to tough and intelligent to fall in love with anyone, however this bad boy/pain in the butt guy comes around and changes everything for good. He turns good, and she falls in love.

The Proposal
Probably one of my favourites EVER. The most unconventional love story between two people that hated each other in the first place (doesn't sound that weird now). A bright/evil editor asks her assistant to marry her so se can't be deported and in the middle of a crazy weekend they actually fall in love. However the scam gets busted and they have to probe the government that they really love each other in the end.
There's a scene where Sandra Bullock dances around a bun fire and me and my friends always imitate around the living roo.... OK TOO MUCH INFO ...

The Notebook
Remember reading that there where only a few movies more corny that letter's to Juliet..Well, this is the ULTIMATE love movie of all times. It's beautiful. It's the type of story we all want to live. It starts with teenage love between two people from different social level. Ryan Gosling plays the sweet hardworking guy from a construction site and Rachel McAdams is the rich spoiled a little rebel girl who lives up in the heel. Everything falls apart when Rachel's mom sends her away for college so she stops seeing her love and so he writes her letters everyday for a week. However she never gets them and moves on (or tryes) but this love is meant to be and .. you'll have to watch to know the end.

Water for Elephants
A forbidden love story behind the curtains of a circus. Truly beautiful.


 It's a musical, it's sexy, fun and reckless.
Perfectly portraits how life isn't fair... because fair is only a place to go and eat cotton Candy.. (yep, I just quoted OITNB)
Pay extra attention to the cellblock tango .... SUPERNAL!

It's Complicated
They are divorced, but have a fling... and they are portraited by Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin.. Enough said.

Pride & Prejudice

After watching this movie a thousand times there's only one ting to say: I want a Mr. Darcy .
Keira Knightley and Matthew MacFadyen fight for their love in this 18th century classic, and even though open affection wasn’t exactly possible back then.. It's a wonderful story.

Christina Aguilera and Cher = Power Duo! This movie always makes want to dance in LA!

The first movie that ever... EVER made me cry.. after that something broke inside me and now I cry with every happy ending.
But this one specially.... The tears... Oh my god.
I know Jack could have lived!

Legally blond
From fraternity queen to the most fierce and fabulous lawyer. This girl has the power to prove everyone wrong. This movie is so much fun!

Sex & The City
For fashionlovers, the SATC movies are a must-see! The girls go through about 1500 shoeboxes worth of drama, with Carrie (the former single girl ) planning her big walk down the aisle to man of her dreams, Mr Big. Cue a wedding dress fashion shoot to die for and plenty of fun with BFFs Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda, not to mention a good old street brawl. It’s the perfect film to stick on with your best gal pals.

Julie & Julia
Julie & Julia is a biographical comedy starring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams. The film depicts events in the life of chef Julia Child in the early years of her culinary career, contrasting with the life of Julie Powell, who aspires to cook all the 524recetas Child cookbook for a year telling all in a blog.

My Best Friends Wedding
one of the greatest romantic tragedies that sometimes we open our eyes to the possibility that there is little that there is a verdaders relationship of friendship between men and women. There are, I know, but at some point we all have felt stuck in the "friendzone". Nothing can be more painful than discovering your real feelings when that person as someone estacon .. sniff sniff ..

Pretty in Pink
The original girl in the early 80's, with a vintage style.
This movie is for me. And if you read this blog, probably also t'i. This peculiar dress girl falls for a boy ton ... love, love and more love ... and kevin spacey young .. hehehe

Mean Girls
Does Mean Girls count as a chick flick? OF COURSE IT DOES! This film looks at one of the most important relationship in every girl’s life; the one she has with her friends. And frienemies. And just plain enemies! Bitch fights, fashion makeovers, painful put-downs and a close-up view on how girls use gossip as a weapon in secundary and basically every day. There's the Queen of the plastics, the dumb blond and the pretty little liar who turns mean just to fit in.

50 First Dates

Drew Barrymore loses his short-term memory in an accident and Adam Sandler, before afraid of commitment falls for her and makes it possible for Love every day of his life. This comedy is beautiful
Miss Congeniality
Gracie Hart (Sandra Bullock) a complete tomboy FBI agent must infiltrate the Miss USA contest, because intelligence services have discovered that the future is a terrorist target. So in rude and vulgar must become fabulous after a hard workout, to keep secret and safe contestants.

Pitch Perfect
Fat Amy is Iconic and you'll be rapping for weeks after watching it.

High society stylish girls going tying to trive through the horrors of highschool with grace. Good 90's fun has achieve ICONIC status!
 Breakfast at Tiffany's
This is about as iconic as films get, and a must-see movie for every gal. From the opening scene where Holly Golightly steps out of a yellow taxi right by Tiffany & Co on Fifth Avenue in NYC (dressed in the now classic Givenchy LBD and pearls combo), right through to the romantic ending, involving lots of rain and the infamous Cat, this is the film that put Audrey Hepburn firmly on the map. Watch the film for classic fashspiration, like the tortoiseshell Ray-Ban sunglasses, the Burberry-esque mac and a lesson in how to truly work a boyfriend shirt (paired with an eye mask, of course).

The Backup Plan
JLo plays a girl who wants to have a baby, but had no boyfriend, so she goes to have an artificial insemination. Nevertheless, the momento she gets out of the clinic, she bumps into a guy that changes her life in a second.

Deep inside we all have a good girl that want's to go wild and have fun with the bad boy while listening to good old rock & roll. It's a classic!

Do yourself a mani/pedi and enjoy a weekend with your friends...
Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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