Beauty: Summer Mani

5:09 PM Roberta W. P. F 0 Comments

When in need of a 5 minute break for myself, I find nothing more relaxing than a mani/pedi.
An the #ManiMonday hashtag has become the perfect excuse to find the time and just disconnect from the daily stress at least once a week... And why not, achieve a bit of reinvention by trying new colors...
Some pick them according to skin color, others to match their lipstick and others just according to their mood. I like to try.
And altough summer has been nowhere to be found latetly I like a little tropic to brighten my day inspired by the first thing that comes to our mind in summer: The Beach.
According to it a palette conformed by Pink, Lemon Green, Passion fruit Yellow, Aqua, Bright Orange, White, Grey, Blue and Purple is more tan necessary. However some of this colors could be tricky and for some "tacky" if not applied correctly.
That's why I would encourage you to cut your nails real short and let those bright colors shine for it self.
Let the long imponent more sober look for burgundy, blue and red in the fall now be a Little more playful and youthful with your manicure!
Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F 

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