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 I've become the ultimate-most-makeup-obsessed-NARSissit of all times (slight exaggeration) in the last two months. Truth is that my color obsession and the eagerness to try are perfectly portrait by this iconic brand. And so, after trying tons of amazing products to look stunning (soon up here) I found the most lovely gloss for my everyday beauty routine.

I still don't wear makeup daily, but I certainly can't leave the house without gloss and a bit of mascara. Lipgloss is like the first step a girl takes to feel feminine... Don't you remember your first gloss? I do! It was from Victoria's Secret, and I remember it because my Daddy took me to the huge store in NYC to pick some. Of course, the appeal lay in the fact that each had a different flavor. However like everything at an early age .. the taste for them disappeared with a stomach ache for having tried over 20 of them.
When you grow up, your needs change. You are no longer looking for the sweet caramel flavor, but also the look and I was very lucky to ran into this NARS Lipgloss from the Larger Than Life collection which I can only describe as soft, luscious and juicy.
This shade, International Velvet is my favourite. At first it reminded me at bubblegum, but after putting it on it gave a very rich yet discretely cute volumen and shine to my lips!
Probably one of the best products to achieve the wanted natural look and of course perfect to take everywhere from the beach to the city!
It lasts about 4 hours, which is quite amazing for a gloss and keeps your lips moisturized!
Very cool, chic and delicious!
One of my beauty essentials for the summer!
Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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