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New York is a city with a great meaning for me.                                                    
The first time I ever went there was about 10 years ago with my dad when I was nine, and it was one of the most amazing trips I’ve been to. I remember us going shopping at 5th Avenue and Madison, to Broadway so we could watch The Phantom of the Opera (which I was and still am obsessed with BTW) and The Lion King (One of my favourite plays. It leaves you speechless). We would go to Fao Schwarz as well, which I was sad to hear has moved from its well-known location in front of Central Park. We had lunch like Sinatra at PJ Clarke’s, the most iconic burgers in town together while sipping on Shirley Temple’s (because daddy knew from the start that I was growing up to be a girly girl hahaha), Later on we would eat oysters at Grand Central Station and then dinner at The Palm. He knew Manhattan like the back of his hand and I know that I could have never had any better guide than him.

That was the last time I went on a trip with my dad, because one day after we arrived in Mexico City he was interned in the hospital. A month later my daddy passed away because his cancer had spread beyond the treatment stage. 
I think that's reason enough to have link the city to a few of my fondest memories.  

Apart from that, New York turns out to be one of the world’s fashion capitals and as a fashion lover who would love to work in the industry it's a dream location to build a future. I yearned the opportunity to go back and enjoy the city for myself. Because one of my biggest dreams was and still is to travel alone  I’ve travelled to many places without my parents since I was around 11, but there was always someone familiar around. Teachers, friends, family… However, this time it was just me. Me, myself and I all alone in the concrete jungle.
I saw it as an opportunity to see whatever I wanted to see, go wherever I wanted to go and learn. 
Tons of things happened and I will be very happy to share my little stories with you!
Starting today, every friday for the next few weeks you'll be able to read my NEW YORK STORIES and find them all under the "Travel" section.
This was just the beginning a little prelude so you could get how much this trip meant to me...
thanks for reading.... R.Woodworth

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