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What's the deal with Mexican fashion?
Why hasn't an industry full of so much talent still left a deep impression on the Fashion world as Milan, Paris, London and New York?

The answer is simple if you look at the situation objectively: We are lacking the business plan.
A business plan necessary for designer to make a living out of their passion. That is the key to gain international recognition and projection.
This is exactly the main idea behind Mexicouture, a new e-commerce platform founded by former fashion editor of ELLE magazine founder of Elle Mexico Diseña, Sara Galindo and Maria José Hernández with a degree in communications who trully believes that Mexican design should be available to the rest of the world. Following this dream both partners have launched this online platform that allows anyone to buy national design from anywhere in the world.

What distinguishes Mexicouture is also it's curatorial by a prominent person of the scene. 
The person in charge of the spring summer selections this time was ELLE Mexico's current Fashion editor, Claudia Candano.
I've written about some of the brands and designer that are now a part of this amazing new chanel to get closer to the potential market of the mexican Fashion industry such as Kris Goyri, Julia and Renata, Yakampot or Lorena Saravia, well known for their runway shows at MBFWM , but it has been amazing to discover new talents as Laddu, OCELOTE and Isaac Rankuroi (former competitor at EMD 2014) through the portal.
In my opinion is the first set stone of an under-construction path that will give Mexico the support to gradually position itself as a force in Fashion.
Please check out and check out the amount of talent for yourself!
Thanks for the invite Sara!
Xoxo, RWPF

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