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Hey guys! It's beauty wednesday and I'd like to share with you the last products I've been testing.
I've always been very careful and disciplined when it comes to my beauty routine. I drink 3,5L water a day, sleep after the proper face washing and makeup removing, try to exercise daily, barely drink and eat clean. Basically the thing I lack is remembering to use sunscreen -.- and getting enough sleep which in my defense is not my fault, only homework, occasional parties and netflix are to blame. 
After all this care I like to look for the most natural products for my skin. You guys know that I started wearing makeup only two years ago when I started the blog and even today I still avoid certain products such as common foundation because it makes my face feel sticky and there is absolutely nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in your own skin.
That was until I shared with you my great experience with Couleur Caramel, a french brand specialized in products 100% made out of natural oils and powders. It's amazing how you feel fresh and moisturized with your makeup on as it naturaly absorbs without clogging your pores.

Nonetheless I try to avoid wearing tons of makeup  by only wearing Mascara as my daily essential.
But beauty care goes beyond makeup and I was recently introduced by the guys at Xabone to a brand called Bomb Cosmetics. They sell organic beauty products perfect to cleanse your system of any chemicals you normally put on it and engage to a healthier lifestyle.
Well, I have just started taking antibiotic against imperfections characteristic for my age and the doctor told me that my skin was going to be extremely dry and sensitive so I started showering with an almond oild shower gel from Couleur Caramel and exfoliating my body with "The Blues Body Polish" and my face with "Facial Palatial" from the Bomb Cosmetics which has left my skin surprisingly soft according to the circumstances, to fully moisturize I've been using the "Indulge" whipped body butter which is just divine.

I can't really see why most people resist using natural products when these actually work best for our body.
I'm super in love with XABONE's beauty arsenal and would encourage you to check it out, once you do you will only wonder why organic hadn't been your first option
Xoxo, RWPF

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