Imperial Jewels

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I've always been fascinated by history, and one of the most exciting topics I've read about has been about the Romanov's, the Russian Tsars.
These dinasty changed the course of history and helped to shape Russia into one of the world’s most
powerful nations today.
They loved exquisite jewelry and Peter Carl Fabergé, better know as the master goldsmith, was often commissioned to make amazing pieces for Tsar Alexander, his wife, mother and daughters.
His well know Easter eggs were born that way.
The production of his famous pieces were highly labour-intensive. Many hours
of hand-buffing were required to give the enamel a velvety finish. Enamel itself had to be heated to over 1000 degrees, process which had to be repeated a few times to obtain the each desired colour. To get a smooth embossement, he used a difficult technique called the champlevé method which consisted of carving the surface and filling the troughs with enamel. A total of about 50 eggs were produced, though only 43 survive the russian revolution.

I was about 8 when I first read about Fabergé and rapidly became obsessed with their beautiful creations. My favourite Easter egg is named “The Lillies of the Valley”, which I always said I wanted to see in person.
So, when my daddy took me to New York, the first thing he bought me was a bracelet with to-scale reproductions of the most significant Easter eggs, made by hand by the successors of Monsieur Fabergé. It is certainly one of the most prized possessions in my jewelry box.
Since then, the only thing I was missing was a necklace to complete my collection. I was overjoyed when I received one of these precious hand-made golden eggs from Fabergé Jewelry Box, an international distributor of Fabergé-inspired goods hand-crafted by Russian artisans in Moscow, which makes each pendant a one-of-a-kind.
Don't you love them?
As I have always said, I like when things have a history and meaning... Add the work of handcrafting and it is like couture: a piece of art and your unique lucky charm... Something to hold on to when things are right and wrong.
I'm in love with these beauties. Check them out on


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