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Hey Guys!
Last week was a thrilling one!
I had the honor of meeting Jean Paul Gaultier and after a quick change of clothes, the collections from 4 great mexican designers.
The fact that there is a platform that gathers local designers is admirable, but in my opinion organizers should pay more attention to the sitting problems that have manifested themselves in the last two editions, in order to prevent the jeopardize of the events quality.


The first one to present his collection was Francisco Cancino, from Yakampot who's designes reminded me a bit of the wild wild west because of the fringes and the capes. They say it only gets better before it get worse...But what could be bad about this leather fiber?
Apart from that and my obsession with becoming the new Donatella Versace, Yakampot's clothes are incredibly neat, minimalistic and elegant.
I loved it!

Kris Goyri
Kris Goyri got inspired by the greatest mexican Diva of all times: María Felix to great a collection with lots of latin flavour. What I like the most about Kris' work are his dresses... flawless, vaporous and femenine.

Mancandy is very bold and mixes a lot of trends! I would love one of those clutches or the crackled pants.

Rolando Santana
Rolando Santana never dissapoints and this year he made a beautiful collection in black and white that will be our jokers this blooming season.

The look...
Earcuff/ H&M
Necklace/ My Vintage Armoire
Jumper/ DKNY
Clutch/ H&M
Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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