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Style is something that comes from within and has to manifest in the same way layer by layer over ourselves to end in the beautiful clothes we wear.
It all starts with personality, follow by health and then elegant lingerie.
Underwear has an unmessurable power and impact on our final look. First, it makes us feel more attractive as we grow older  (I guess that only applies to girls)  and on the other hand it makes our look more perfect. That's why there are so many options... Thongs are there for a reason, and not to show more skin but because they are more appropriate for some girded garnments.
I'm not a fan, I would go to the other end. Instead of tiny pieces (which usually leave a mark on the dresses) would use Spanx (yes yes "granny pants"), still they trick your body into thinking its thiner and seamslessly mold it too. (Maidenform has excelent options!)
For see through pieces, you should look upon black lace and highwaisted panties... ver sexy indeed!
And when it comes to bras .. there's an entire univers to be unveiled!
The following are the must have bras...
1.-Convertible Bra

With straps tha may be detached and rearranged in different ways depending on the outfit.


For clothes that reveal the shoulders or halter neck tops

3.- U-plunge Bra

Allows you to wear clothes that have a deep plunging neckline.

4.-Low back Bra
It fastens in the lower back not to cut the back cleavages in the back.
With those undergarnments you can rock absolutely every piece of clothes in the market avoiding the hidious "transparent" straps which EVERYONE can see, thong marks, seams marks, the itching from stamps,  and all the problems that come with the decition of going ... "natural".
Avoid all the options above and think that lingerie is equally important!!
It is quite beautiful as well and will make you feel really beautiful!
Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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