Deeper than a wrapping?

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I didn't know what to think when I first read that Mr. Jeremy Scott was going to collaborate with Moshino. In my eyes it was impossible to see how the italian brand and his irreverent style were going to collide without creating disaster.
Altough my vision changed once I saw the preview photos from the AW14 collection.
The motorcycle purses, cow printed dresses and oversized shirts with a cool message were innovative and chic.
But it was until the live transmission started and the influx of tweets dramaticaly increased that it hit me...
Chocolate wrap dresses, Bob Sponge total looks, McDonald's purses and Iphone cases, pop corn capes, furry varsity oversized shirts accompanied by the most shocking "GENIUS" & "I LOVE IT" tweets. 
I was Speechless!!!
Very funny clothes and all, but I can't see myself wearing a Hershey's gown to a gala or taking my McDonald's purse out for lunch.
I'm obsessed with the brands big letter belts, which thank God were now featured in boots, skirts, tops and all sorts of leather silhouettes featuring a dominatrix inspiration. Very sexy indeed.
Those were my favourite pieces from the entire collection. Sexy, femenine and with an 80´s vibe.
Still it wasn't enought to overcome the trauma from the previous caricartoonish pieces.
So, I started thinking that maybe those candy wrappers had a deeper meaning.
For example, it could be an intent to show us how gigantic firms have taken over our world.
Maybe it's a protest against massive advertisement....
A way to show us how be spend money in junk...
How we actually are what be eat and become junk...
Or is it me just trying to give an intention in this world to a modern-cut Sour Patch kids wrapper?

What do you think?
Share your opinion...
Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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  1. I'm still torn about it... I think it's too much, but at the same time I think maybe we are taking fashion too seriously and this is a proof that fashion can be fun too.
    Also, all the collection screams Jeremy Scott to me, I think he will do great thing as the creative director.