The Calm After The Storm

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Hello my beloved readers!
So, lately I've been wanting to write, but hadn't been in the right mood you know?
It's just that with exams and everything my brain kind of melts and whenever I write, even if my literature teacher says I'm wrong.. I need to be inspired.

Relax, hear some music and just think about life and fashion.
So, when I thought last week couldn't be more stressful I was invited by Palacio de Hierro and Swarovski to attend a gorgeous early christmas event. OBVIOUSLY soon up here.
It was the cherry on top of my week, gave me the great energie boost I needed to carry on with the weekend which consisted in a birthday celebration, the Catching Fire premiere...that will also appear here and a marathon of The Carrie Diaries accompanied by a cup of tea.
I'm writing you while studying for chemestry.. YES YES maybe not the best method but at least I'm trying to distract myself after dealing with alkanes, alkenes, alkynes, halogens, carbon dioxide, carbon and its derivatives for the last 3 hours.
The worst of all is, is that it happens to be the last exam reason why I am most anxious, but thanks to merciful God the holidays are just around the corner.
I yearn for the time when I'll be able to breathe without having to think about numbers, grammar, books and analysis.
The Calm after the storm ...

I want to get into a complete state of dolce farniente, as my grandma used to say, in which I can enjoy my books, magazines, movies and organization of upcoming photoshoots for the blog.
Thanksgiving will be soon and I'm more than prepared to delight myself with some pumpkin pie.
My birthday is coming as well, the 13th of December for what I could not be more excited.
As the Sound of Music: "I'm 16 going on 17..." hihihihi
Then comes Christmas, my favorite time of year because I'm with my family, receive gifts and the food is delicious (you can't deny that turkey and cranberry sauce just as lace&leather are a match made in heaven).
So please don't think I've forgotten to pass around here, it just happens that my mind is in the middle of the storm waiting for calm to arrive.

Sweater/ Express
Aquamarine Earrings/ My Vintage Armoire
P.S A good friend of mine showed me a few songs that helped me to relax the past couple of days... Enjoy!
Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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