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Hey guy's, how are you?
I'm writing to you from my cozy feather sheets in this cold monday morning, because guess what...
How about a little music to kick off this week with some energie.

If there's anything in this world I would love as much, or even more than fashion it would be music, the food of the soul. I play the violin and drums, so as you can see no matter what genre, whether it is pop, rock or jazz, I need to listen to something every minute of everyday even when I'm taking a shower.
As the kaiser of fashion would say: "Fashion and music are the same, because music expresses its period too.” Music rules the world eras. Charleston in the 20's, crazy rock of the 80's, cheesy ballads in the 90's as Dior's new look in the 50's, neon colors in the 80's and today's digital revolution perfectly popularized by Mary Katrantzou
But anyway, Fashion week and fashion events are the most fun partys for fashionistas and when this two scopes collide, when a song matches what the designer or brand has envisioned.. it creates an unforgettable and sometimes quite amazing atmosphere.
Here are some songs I've discovered when attending to these, listen while writing or getting ready for a show or that have somehow left their mark in my mind...

Crazy in love
The very first time I stepped on a runway (in case you didn't know, I modeled when I was younger) I walked to the beat of this song.
Can't forget the adrenaline rush.
Get Lucky
Who hasn't heard that song?
It's one of my favourites and now reminds me to the Chanel Pop Up store opening a few months ago!
Crave You
I can't remember exctly when or in which show I listened to this song, but it was for sure one of my first Fashion weeks as blogger.
Empire State of Mind
This song means NYFW.
Bryant Park and a pair of stilettos. Period.
We Can't Fly
I discovered this song at a Julia y Renata show where the models smoothly emerged from a cloud of dry ice. It was beautiful, and I remeber it every time I hear this song.
Baby I'm Yours
This song opened my world to Breackbot´s music.
I heard it at Fashion Week Mexico and facetiously, that same season, in Berlin as well.

Run Boy Run
The theme song from Sear's Falling in Fashion FW13-14 campaign.
Some say it sounds like a blender, others that it is very cool.
I like it and this song was a pleasant surprise that gave a very modern touch to the JI + B show.
Girl Panic
Most iconic supermodels my mum used to tell me about appear in this amazing video.
The rock, the love, the glamour... <3
This is the song I listened to when I became an intern at the PR departanment from Elle Magazine.
Native New Yorker
I know that next time I go to NYC I'll make a video dancing to this song in my pointy heels.
Don't you have a list of song you'd love to include in the soundtrack of your life?
Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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