Blooming Autumn

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Infinity Sweater/ Sepia Couture
Blouse/Sepia Couture
Charm/ Paul Fastag Joyeria
Jeans/ H&M
We can't deny the fact that autumn is here and from time to time we also feel a cold winter breeze to remind us what's ahead of us.
Now, I love to wear 50 shades of grey in a gloomy day, but to make everything happier little details like bright colors, blossoms and charms can help.
Emeral was the color of the year, and I had to wait until october to find the perfect cozy piece to add to my wardrobe.
A infinity sweater from Sepia Couture with a thousand ways to wrap, here combined with a hand inked blouse from the same brand.
My new Paul Fastag necklace is the perfect charm and spoiled gem in my jewelry box.
It's REALLY cute and cool!
I'm really happy to have met this designers and am truly in love with my new key pieces to embrace the season. Remember sometimes things don't look extremely amazing hanged in a perch.
It is all about the details....
Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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