Hot, Cold and Everything in Between!

3:00 AM Roberta W. P. F 4 Comments

Some people face a problema called "the everyday outfit selection", ever heard of it?
Because despite our overflowing closet we tend to have nothing to wear, especially when we don't put out the look a night before and find ourselves on a hurry the next morning.
Now do me a favor and add climate change to the equation.
What do you notice? 'Cause I got CHAOS as a result.

The smart thing to do when autumn arrives is to take our coats and boots out to endure chilly weather, but lately we find ourselves in limbo, because no matter if we check the climate report every night, we must wait until next morning to see if the garment choice is appropiate.

Without going any further, last week Mr. Weather App on my iPhone said the day was going to be 26°C, so I wore a beautiful lace blouse from Aéropostale and a sweater.

Half an hour later I was at school cursing to Zeus for that bloody cold winter dawn.
So on tuesday I took my precautions and checked the weather twice. It said we were going to enjoy a cool afternoon. My choice? a shirt, thick cotton sweater, plaid cotton pants and military blazer.

At 2 pm, when I was just beginning to feel proud of my choice the bipolar sun came out with the purpouse of boiling me in cashemere-foil.
Ok, it wasn´t that bad... because I made it work... and you need to keep reading to know how.

So yeah, autumn arrives, we renew our closet, flowers stop blooming, leaves start to fall, the sun sets earlier, but is it hot or cold? WHAT ON EARTH SHOULD WE WEAR?

After a lot of analysing the situation 2 things came clear.
1.- Global warming is something we can't fight. Yes, we can slow it down, but don't make it dissapear.
2.- New trends come from needs, reason why we have freedom to try.

If the weather is so weird that we can't stick to one season, who said we can't wear both?
Think about the new combos we've seen in the runways.
The thing is to find the right combination in order to succed. I love wearing layers, that's why the second outfit worked. I just took out the cashemere and it was fresh and perfect.
Try a sweater with a mini skirt as I did here, "wear coat as a dress" as ADR would say.
Use fur or faux fur as you prefer with EVERYTHING: Dresses, skirts, jeans, even leather leggings to create the ultimate glamour combination!
Wear your favourite dress with a shirt underneath and in other look use the shirt with a nice sweater together with a statement jacket, booties and a hat to create a cozy chic outfit that you can peel during the day and still look fabulous!

The options are infinite you just need to play with the seasons!
Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F


  1. Hahaha.. yesterday my weather app.. says.. tuesday rainy day.. and today is sunny!! What a Heck! I wore a shirt and jacket.. at noon it was so hot! good tip.. layers ;) like it!

    1. Yes, those Apps are just stupid hahahaha I'm glad!