Renew or Die

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Human beings always need a change.
Call it developement, evolution, rebellion or whatever you like, but one thing is certain; this doesn't need to be a social change, it might be an inner revolution manifest by something as "little" as a hair cut.
Yes, I have a theory and doubt about the subject.
For most women our hair is a part of who we are and what we project. In my case it means happiness, childhood and growth.
Happiness because of those moments when my grandma used to braid my hair while we talked for hours. My classmates use to call me Rapunzel in kindergarten and elementary school because of my sleek and long long hair that use to reach my hipbone.. this reminds me of all the times I played the princess.
Growth might be difficult to explain, but it began when at the age of nine, after my daddy passed away, I decided to chop of my hair from my hips to my chin. This, if I think about it, might have been a silent scream for change or intent of a fresh start.
When I entered secundary school, my spaghetti sleek hair decided it was the time to grow into a curl explosion and everything changed... Lucky for me I developed quite a skill for brading which saved me and still does, from enduring a crazy mane the days I wake up late...
So my hair has been basically a faithful companion during my entire life.
And lately, I've had toughts about getting rid of a major part of it. It might be a reflection of everything I've been trough this past year as well as a milestone in my stock.
It would be a more a vanguard look to embrace my new role as fashion blogger, writter and high school student as it would also serve to leave things behind... Like "the boy you never told to like you..." as Selena Gomez would say, pesimistic ideas, insecurities and all those matters that come along with adolescence, which I've been told it's only a stage in our existence and doesn't last much (THANK GOD)

Still I don't know what to do...
Would this really be a mental change as much as it is physical?
Will it work?
Am I brave enough or able to leave all those things behind?
Can I endure losing my accomplice?
Have you ever had an urge for change? What do you think?

Be or not to be.. that's the dilemma.

Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F


  1. You are soo beautiful!!!!

  2. Your hair is so beautiful.. but if you want a change.. just do it.. nothing like hair.. it will grow again! :) I love changes ;)
    Your 1.5 Fan!

    1. You are right... I need to think about it hahha :)