Fashion Week México SS14

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Fashion week is a crazy season, everybody will tell... But the fact is that pretty funny/dramatic thinks tend to happend between cocktails and gorgeous collections.
Those are stories I'll dare tell you one day... but not now... cause you will laugh non stop.. and that's dangerous.... (Why would you fill me with curiosity Roberta? ... I'm evil hihihi)

Anyway, here I present to you the collections I liked the most.

Lorena Saravia
Lorena Saravia is a true Mexican talent on the rise.
She presented her last collection at MBFWMadrid and won the Vogue Who's on next title,  but all of this was expected, if her clothes have that elegant jet wearable allure. What do I mean? her clothes are not for only one occasion they are either to make you a street style icon or look wonderful in a gala you can choose and mix simple lines to achieve greatness.
Her ss14 show minimalistic and as I called it on Instagram "structured class"
Alexia Ulbarri 
Alexia's collections always tend to have a background story full of nostalgia and femininity.
I construe Amelia's Locket as the history of nature played by nymphs clad in moss and flowers. Full of transparencies and prints billowing in purple, lilac, green and pink. Beautiful!
Elle México Diseña
This time the  first, second and third place from EMD2012 prsented their collections.

Vero Díaz
Third place winner at EMD2013 and second place from EMD2012 opened the show with a collection called "Weakness" where she quite surprised me her skills in the use of shimmering applications and leather. The clutches ar DIVINE!
Emedel Garcia
Second place from last year's competition showed a collection called "Campo de Batalla" (Battle Field), which as its name insinuates had a military inspiration. Emedel managed to stay elegant achieving a perfect balance between sexy and ladylike. The accesories reminded me a lot of Madonna.
Edgar Lozano
The winner had to be in my keep-an-eye-on-them list for obvious reasons and just like in Acapulco at the finale from EMD2013 he showed a very chic collection.
He has a unique style and I love it.
Royal Closet
I now it is spring/summer 2014 and flowers bloom, the birds sing and everything is very corny... I adore flowers in my clothes, specially the ones from this season which were actually corporeal, but it's really nice to see another aproach.
Royal Closet was one of the last shows of the day and despite I was very tired of running around in my heels, when I sat down and the show started I received an electroshock of color together with music that made me wake up.
With ethnic inspiration, strong colors and very original make-up Amazons, styled by Annie Lask, marched down the runway to show us next season's collection.
I really liked Gustavo Helguera's jewelry that reflected the tribal essence. It was really a color PUNCH I want to see on the streets this upcoming SS2014.
Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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