Beauty Tips: Natural look

3:30 AM Roberta W. P. F 1 Comments

It seems that getting a "natural look" is one of the most difficult things in the world.
Many girls know how to do stunning smokey eyes or the perfect cat-eyeline, but when trying to look effortless they end up looking rather weird.
Believe me, I see this every day among girls my age who think they look amazing with 2 pound of foundation mixed with bronzer and blush as final touch. (YUCK!)
When in reality, they don't look better than a hot mess who tryed to hard... sorry, but it is the truth.

That's why after weeks of observation I figured out how to make this work.
First of all, embrace your imperfections. It doesnt matter if you are 65 and have wrinckles or 14 and some pimples, those make you who you are and define the stage of life you are living in.
It's true makeup can help you conceal things, but make it work to your benefit. If you are a teen with spots on the face don't block your pores with unnecessary products.

First apply cream and sunscreen, then I would personaly advice you to use transparent mascara to detach and comb your lashes. Afterwards use a BIT of normal mascara and apply lipgloss.

Hairstyles are always hard because they all depends on your type of hair, but a nice updo, like a messy braid without hairspray is a perfect idea.
You'll look cute, fresh and beautiful!

Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F 

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