Skinny Bitch!

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As I wrote to you guys about the beautiful things fashion has and how I consider it wearable art I was thinking of how it can become a harmful obsession.
What do women want? Apart from a gigantic shoe closet and designer clothes we want to be skinny, even more we want to be perfect.
Am I wrong?
But the meaning of perfection has changed through the centuries. In ancient Greece women use to train and tone every muscle just as men. They were tall and imposing.
During the middle-age to have a voluminous body was a symbol of beauty, richness and fullness, because of the food escaces.
Let's go closer to our time. The 50's the era of the beautiful Marilyn Monroe, who was size 10. Impressive, right?  she looked stunningly beautiful.
And what about the 80's which were flooded with curvilinear and athletic bodies, with Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer and Tyra Banks.

What's left now?
Beauty stereotypes have changed.
Now having wide hips is not always well seen, not even the hourglass body wakes interest.
Today we need to be extremely thin and have no gram of fat to be considered the beholders of a "nice body".
It's a pitty we don't see this type of girls anymore.
All we see are super skinny models. Don't matter if these are girls or boys
And there's where the obsessions begins.
Instead of understanding those are models who work to show beautiful garnments "perfectly", people think they have to look exactly like them.

In my case I started thinking I had to have a gap between my legs. Thing is I'm peared shape and even if I only eat salada my body won't do.
My bones are big and I just have to endure it, eat healthy, work out and accept my constitution.
That's why now I run 30min two times a week and am into an intense Ab routine.. soon here :)
So yeah, scream SKINNY BITCH!
But be healthy!
NEVER take risky measures please!
I know girls who have and the consequences are terrible, believe me.
Remember what Lagerfeld says... "Fashion is the healthiest motivation for losing weight"

Roberta W.P.F

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