The Tale of the Poppy Flower

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"The poppy opens her scarlet purse to dream" - Scharmel Iris Quotes

What a magnificent flower the poppy.
Crimson red with a gold & black center sitting poisy in a green stem; a field of these is a wild bonfire of delight to our eyes.
Howeverthis flower lacks of something... A scent.
Well, it was missing until Kenzo tought of this gorgeous blossom and made a revolutionary fragrance that gave her recognition.
With a bottle twice as high and no famous face to represent it everyone thought it would be a failure, but today Flower is still in the ranking of the top 10 fragrances in the world with it's delicious scent.

13 years later, Kenzo decided to push the boundaries and embrace freedom with Flower In The Air, a new dream full of poetry and a luscious aroma.

It is created by perfumer Alberto Morillas and made out ​​of an artisanal rose, gardenia, magnolia and raspberry.
What else drives women CRAZY about a fragrance?
Yes, the bottle! Designer Serge Mansau decided to launch something entirely new by presenting a flower umbrela falling in a puddle of essence.

No doubt, that Flower In The Air is a delicate, fresh, distinctive & elegant fragrance for the ambitious dreamer  who wants to make this world even more beautiful.

The launch took place at the roof top from the Distrito Capital Hotel, which had been nicely arrange full of poppys, champagne, treats, ballons floating over a cristal clear pool and the Kenzo fairy strolling through the place.

I felt in love with this tender dream !
Get it in October and start enjoying!

Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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  1. Oh Flower by Kenzo is definitely one of my favorite perfumes! I still have to smell the scent of their new fragrance, but I'm sure I'm gonna love it!
    Great post!