The Crown

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We just know inside that we're queens and hats are the crowns we wear...

What is the evolution of the crown?
The kings of ancient Egypt and those of other civilizations held them to demonstrate their power, but over the years, in the time of dandyism for example; highborn men and women began to wear another piece: Hats.
Top hats or Pamelas of different materials, with feathers, ribbons, lace, flowers and the mystery, sexiness, luxury & elegance that surrounds them, made and still makes the carrier stand out from the crowd by wearing it with poise in the day or even at night as Saint Laurent proposes this season.

What can I tell you?
I've always felt pulled to this powerful accesories, beneath where, you can embrace different characters and personalities.
It was when I had to choose my outfit for EMD2013 in Acapulco, when I got the chance to wear a magnificent one.

Dressing up is one of my favourite things in the entire world, but when I'm to anxious, I claim to have nothing to wear.
In this case efficiency was needed for me to find something gorgeous to arrive to a brunch at the Banyan Tree (really beautiful & fancy hotel) and comfortable to endure the one hour flight before that.
Lucky for me, my gorgeous cousin gave me this lovely dress that inmediately reminded me of my mum's pamela hat, which is basically one of those things you see in your mum's closet, try every single time you enter her dressing room and are waiting for the opportunity to borrow.
Finally it became a reality!
She let me wear it and it looked amazing together. Not super dressed down nor super dressed up but casual chic for a sunny day at the beach.
I was really excited when I got my invitation and get goose bumps just by remembering the party, fashion show and glamorous dinner. Of course wearing this head piece made the experience even better!

Do you like hats?
What do you think about the ensemble?

Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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  1. Que lindo look! Amé el vestido y el sombrero le da el toque perfecto!