Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

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Hi guys I disappeared for a week because I got back to school and with work and other things I haven't had much time, but now I'm back to share more style with you.
Back to school always makes me nervous and entering high school is a huge step even more mysterious. (Yes you read well this is my first year in high school :) )
With a new class and teachers I wasn't quit sure of how my first day was going to turn out.
I was to anxious and had just been shopping few days ago, so...?
You know where I'm going...

The power of clothing is irreplaceable just like the power evocted by a pair of shoes, and I've discovered that if you are ever feeling insecure the best antidote is to wear new or your favourite clothes and accesories. Whether it is your first day at school, a job interview or a date, they'll make you feel better for sure.
A good fragrance is always a plus and I saved Flower In The Air by Kenzo for that special day!

As you were able to see on Instagram I'm OBSESSED
with earcuffs and finally found this beauty at H&M

Close Up!
Now back to the trendy side, lips are hot this season. Wear them everywhere with everything! On scarves, bags, dresses and even shoes.
Kiss Kiss & Bang Bang

Earcuff/ H&M
T-shirt/ H&M
Scarf/ H&M
Leather leggins/ H&M
Slippers/ Zara
Bag/ Massimo Dutti x Vogue for FNO

Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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