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This concept is new to me, although Alexander McQueen says it is a new era for fashion in which no rules apply ... truth is I've never really tried it for fear of ending up looking like a bad collage.
Later on I remembered fashion is all about having fun, it's your style, your rules and as Harry Winston would say "People will stare. Make worth their while"
I'm no expert and am still figuring out how to adopt this trend, still I think I might have found some rules to make the print pairing easier.
You can do it according to color, prints, both or accesories that in my opinion are the safest option for begginers. That's something I wanted to reflect with this look.
A printed t-shirt with lace jeans and B&W pointy heels to give classy touch.
Of course this outfit needed something from My Vintage Armoire so I took this 80's Versace vest that belong to my father to give it a rocker vibe.

At first in my closet it looked like non of these pieces would ever be put together, well maybe the jeans and the shirt, the shoes came later on and then I felt like it needed some color so I took this crazy vest an BOOM we got the golden "midas touch".

Here I'm already pairing the lace and the best, both floral with different colors but it isn't a big change. The last step was to choose a purse.

My first tought was naturally a black clutch, but I found this vintage & absolutely gorgeous leopard skin clutch that belong to my grandma, in the back of my closet during summer cleaning.
Then I saw it somehow matched. Black spots with black tips and black lace.
Yellow and gold.
Love at first sight!

It doesn't matter what you want to combine, in this case was prints, but lines in all sizes, plaid, lines and dots, colors and textures it's all about playing.
The cool thing about this is that even if there's anybody with the same tee or pants you'll never look the same.
21st century girls look at Fashion this way, there are no rules, take risks and rock it by giving every single look your personal touch!
Have fun, I know as a control freak that I have to...

Brown Lipstick/ Rouge in Love Lancôme
T-shirt/ ZARA  TRF
Vest/ Vintage Versace
Jeans/ Topshop
Shoes/ Gucci
Leopard clutch/ My Vintage Armoire

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Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F