Wearable Art

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Pollock inspired sketch by me

And I'm not talking about the YSL collection inspired in Mondrian.
What's the difference between a 20$ dress and a 85.000$ Valentino gown?
What makes a pair of Loubouis, Manolos or Alaias so special?
Fashion lovers have no problem answering this questions.
For some of us is the time and effort invested to obtain such exclusive pieces, for others the love developed for each of these items, still some people think that our taste is a banal product of consumerism.
This Pre-spring Chanel 2.55 is on top of my wish list...

When I said I wanted to be a designer or magazine editor people did not understand why I loved "that material world", however I answered to the guy that wanted to be a chef  that his love for food was the same as mine for fashion.
Extraordinary creations with the most luxurious and unusual materials walk down the runway 2 times a year under the signature of great artists.

Oscar de la Renta SS13

People wonder about the exorbitant prices and believe that everything has to do with the name.  
Dior, Oscar de la Renta, Gucci, Dolce&Gabbana, Hermès &Chanel are examples but behind every name there is a story, a quality and craftsmanship.


This video left me blown away.
I love Chanel, actually almost everyone does, and this proved why Chanel is Chanel.
The work behind every creation is literally art; the materials, care and accuracy are just impressive.

That's why I want to work in that world... it is beautiful.
Of course you know there's business behind and fashion is a multi-million dollar industry where as Heidi Klum says... "One day you are IN and the next day you are OUT" so working hard is not an option, is a demand and that's something I've known my entire life.

Apart from that, as I mentioned before, some people develop real affection/cult to their wardrobe or think of fashion as a relief.
Just think about the quotes... How many of your friends have started a sentence like "Oh yeah it was that time when I was wearing..." or the time you have a breakup and your friends say "Shopping is cheaper then a psychatrist".
Fashion is freedom, instant lenguage, and my drug of choice.
I understand it's value because I appreciate the history behind it.
Do you love fashion?
Do you wear art?
What's your drug of choice?

Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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  1. True! no comparison a cheap dress Vs Designer.. I'm Ms Fashion ;) hehehe.. and I love it!