Festival de Fragancias y Belleza 2013

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Or "Beauty and Fragrance Festival" has been celebrated for 30 years by Palacio de Hierro, the most remarkable departament store in the country for always bringing great products from the best brands with top quality.

The inauguration took place last friday in Polanco with the presence of 19 brands like Dior, Chanel, Lancôme, Givenchy, YSL, Laura Mercier and Guerlain with their international makeup artists.

What's incredible about this event is that apart from knowing the new makeup collections of these luxury brands we also get tips from the experts on how to apply them.

I was really excited to get to hear the advice from so many internatinal artists, because I'm still a teenager learning to choose the best products for my skin and by hearing some of their tips I got a bit of an idea of how I can make the most out of them.

Now I would like to share with you some of the tips I liked the most!

Do you ever wonder how to get that "Full color" eyes we see at fashion shows?
Well, Junior Cedeño and Nicholas Barreteaga gave us the answer.
The first step is combinig the BB cream Diorskin and the Diorshow eyeshadow to give it a creamy consistency.
After applying the mixture take a brush and retouch with the powder to seal the color; then line your eyes with the Diorshow Art Pen and use the Dior Addict lipgloss for the perfect finish,.
The idea of this is to concentrate the attention on the eyes by giving simple color to the lips in order to reach a classy, feminine and powerful look. 
Junior Cedeña applying Dior Addict Lipgloss

-Giorgio Armani Cosmetics
Armani's proposal focuses on a natural face where matte lips are the highlight.
Maestro Fusion Makeup is a foundation used to perfecty match the face. Then comes
the Lip Maestro Intense Velvet Color to make and edgy contrast.
Very lady like!

Hocine Zeghichi, makeup artist from the brand showed us that we do not have to choose between highlighting our lips or eyes. We can do both with Le Rouge lipsticks, Le Prisme Yeux Quatuor eyeshadows and the incredible Phenomen
mascara with it's  round brush  that lengthens, curls, adds volume and nourishes lashes.
One of Hocine's tips was to always carry a Mister Perfect corrector which is good to correct for practicaly every mistake you make with makeup.

Hocine Zeghichi applying Le Rouge  

-Estee Lauder
Famous for it's products to rejuvenate the skin, Estee Lauder showed us how to apply Advanced Night Repair.
Which is not as the name implies only for the night, but it can also be used over the foundation to act and protect your skin during the day.
Another great  tip was about how to apply the Signature 5-Tone Shimmer Powder blush. Most people just apply it in the check bone without caring about simetry but Estee Lauder's expert Rodolfo Arciga showed us that you should always leave two finger of space from your nose to start applying.
Rodolfo Arciga

Always fun and young, Lancôme has everything for us to look perfect!
First, I'm a BIG fan of Rouge in Love lipsticks with more than 10 shades that go from Violette to Brown in my makeup case. For me Rouge in Love is the perfect thing to give our look a color punch.
Then Hypnose eyeshadow frames your eyes and perfectly combines with the Hypnose Doll Lashes, which as the experts said is perfect to give our lashes beautful volume. Blush in Love is also a great product because it has 3 shades which when applyed in order to frame the face it also helps to illuminate. 

Guerlain has a new product for everyone who wants to look tan like a goddes from Olympus.
It's called Terra Ora and in my opinión it's great, because some of us don't like to use bronzer to avoid stains or can't take the sun because of allergies and this product gives us the chance to have a little golden glimpse in our whole body.
José - Luis Yuve telling us bout Terra Ora

As you can see, this festival is a great opportunity to get the best products with lots of promotions, gifts and tips from the international experts of each brand.

I'd like to thanks Gina Pineda and Flavio Rivera from El Palacio de Hierro for the invitation.
Enjoy the festival and it's perks, because you only have until the 7th of July... Have fun and SHOP SHOP SHOP!
                                                                                                                     Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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