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H&M earcuff and Banana Republic Blazer
You guys know how I feel about fashion.
In my opinion fashion  is a way of expression, which helps you tell people who you are, what you believe in, where you come from and where you are going; in other words fashion isn't a bunch of pretty dresses, for many people is a way to show the world their uniqueness.

My love for fashion runs through my veins.
Being the daughter of a former model and an architect has made me grow surrounded by style my entire life, but the passion for it began almost 3 years ago when I attended to my first fashion week.
The people I saw and how they were dressing so freely, made a big impression on me.
I started reading every fashion magazine that crossed my path, learning about trends, style, fashion and how so many people around the world use it as inspiration and have a real devotion to it.

Of course as a teenager figuring out what I liked and what I didn't, my style started to change.
Now going to school in sportswear was sort of a crime, a "sign of defeat" as the kaiser of fashion Karl Lagerfeld would say.
But there was no problem in wearing  a nice pair of phyton flats, jeans and a military jacket. It was chic, comfortable and made me feel really happy.

I saw myself different then the others, enjoying picking what to wear and discovering different combinations while doing so. That's when I realized the whole point of fashion is to express your identity.

My addiction for it started to grow to the point that I found myself choosing the most "different" things I could find when going shopping.
Tribal necklaces with feathers, ovesized rings, bostonian shoes, slippers, scarves, etc.

That's when the problems started; when I wore something "abnormal" to the standart outfit like a head scarf, people at school would make jokes about it. I didn't understand why people looked at me as if I was doing something wrong.

Hermès scarves

For me it looked good, it made me happy and it made a STATEMENT
( a word and concept I learned a that time and has become one of my favourites and main objectives while choosing what to wear)
What else could I ask for?
Still because of the looks and the "maybe it is to cool for school..." comments from my friends I started to analize a lot what I was wearing and when I could wear it.

 My parents always liked my style, but because of the pressure at school I started to leave certain outfits only for the weekends or fashion events.
That's why fashion week is the best! I get to wear whatever I want without anyone telling me it looks weird.

I told you guys I was going to do an Intership at the PR department of Elle Mexico. It was amazing!
I learned a lot and had a great time helping to organize the grand finale of Elle Mexico Diseña 2013.
When going to an office where fashion and style magazines are written, you get to see lots of cool people wearing amazing clothes.
And it was then, when I arrived to the editorial, that I noticed I was free to wear whatever I wanted.
Choosing my daily outfits without having to worry what people would say was a big relief and I find myself being happy again.

Vintage oversized bracelet

That's when it hit me! The harsh reality of my acts punched my face ... (I'm a drama queen)
Did people at school think I was weird? YES they did.
Did I feel bad? YES I did
Was I right? NO I wasn't
Should I dress the way I want? OF COURSE!
It doesn't matter what people think about you and the way you look, because it isn't worth it to change your happiness for acceptance.
People who care about you will respect it and encourage you to be yourself.

Daniela Villegas "Air Earrings" and ZARA military jacket

In conclusion... I'm wearing head scarves and blazers to school again, because I feel happy and I know it looks great and I don't care what people (who don't like fashion) think anymore.
I love to see you guys likeing pics on instagram, it makes me feel like I'm doing something right!
Thanks for your support!
And always remember, it is YOUR STYLE and for that YOUR RULES if you like it wear it wherevere and whenever you like without caring about what other people think, because as long as you like what you wear you'll look perfect! :*
                                                                                                            Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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  1. No hemos hablado correctamente en persona, apenas si nos conocemos, pero debo de decir que en el mundo del internet es difícil hacerse fama y más mantenerse, pero de cualquier manera felicidades!
    Es bueno ver que alguien llegue lejos y que se tiene iniciativa, sigue así y espero logres mucho más.