Beauty Tips: Porcelain Lips

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Hello Beauties!
It's beauty tips wednesday again and  I would like to talk to you about my newest acquisition:
The Cha Cha tint  from Benefit Cosmetics!

The Cha Cha tint is the newest member of the "Tint" family, which consists in multitasking blushes which are applyed with a little brush and can be used as lipstick or eye shadow too.
There are 3 colors: the first, must famous and bestseller is the Benetint that is a liquid raberry tone ink.
The second one is called Posietint and has more like a bubblegum tone.
Last but not least is my favourite, the cha cha tint, which following the coral trend for the season comes in a peach perfect tone to rock the summer.

What I love about it is the finish given to your lips and cheeks.
It's really natural, fresh and looks as if you weren't wearing any makeup, like a porcelain doll which has been recently painted.
Another pro is that as "Tints" this products stay until you wash your face with soap and water.
That means that you can do whatever you like without having to worry about retouching.
In my opinion it is great to go to work or school, you'll look young and beautiful!

All I have left to say is THUMBS UP for this product!
                                                                                                                       Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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