The Great Gatsby

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For me Fashion isn't just a bunch of pretty dresses.
It is history, art, culture and a way to express your true self or as Miuccia Prada would say "instant language". Using this principle, Prada, Tiffany&Co and Brooks Brothers take us back to the 20's by designing  the clothes and accessories from one of the most anticipated movies of the year: The Great Gatsby

 F. Scott Fitzgerald, author of the novel described a decadent American society located in Long Island, full of luxury, parties and jewels.

To show the glamor that Long Island had in those years, Miuccia Prada together with Catherine Martin and a great team of seamstresses created a 70 pieces wardrobe for the film
Consisting of low waisted dresses, cristal details, fur cocoon coats and satin gloves to the elbow that actresses like Carey Mulligan, who plays Gatsby's beloved, were lucky enough to wear :) .

Low waist & Sequins

Drop-shape chrystal dress

Evoking the 'flapper' girl with luxurious details and neat feminine structures the garnments are just PERFECT!

But this is not the first time that Miuccia Prada designs something like this, because she had already done it for the movie Romeo and Juliet.

The costumes created so much expectation, that Miuccia decided to expose them; first in the Prada New York Epicenter then in Tokyo and after that in Shanghai.

The girls were already flawless, but no great outfit is complete without accessories and Tiffany & Co. couldn't do it more wonderful.
Tiffany was famous among the 20' high society and it is natural that the brand now participates in the remake of this great novel, to revive those years of glamor.
Inspired by the signature files, bracelets, rings, necklaces and headdresses of diamonds, gold, silver and pearls were created.

I'm absolutey and irrevocably in love with The Savoy head piece inspired by native american tribes

As always, and especially in 1920 the gentlemens had to look impeccable.
Leonardo DiCaprio (Gatsby) and Tobby Maguire (Nick Carraway) were dressed by the oldest men's clothing brand in the United States, and one of my favorites: Brooks Brothers.
They created more than 500 suits with pastel colors for the day, and elegant black tuxedos for the night.

Jay Gatsby's famous pink suit and Nick Carraway's 3 piece tweed suit

Those are already being sold in stores as well asTiffany's jewels.

I always enjoy a good movie but if it also has great cast, awfully good music and precious clothes is like eye candy.
It makes my skin crawl to see such good production.

Go watch the movie and enjoy a little bit of a go go appeal!
                                                                                                    Roberta W.P.F 

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