Jour d'Hermès

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Dressing up for a brunch, cocktail or any other event is one of the things I like the most. Choosing my clothes and accesories is always real fun, but no great outfit is complet without a scent.

Just think about it...
Women who were recognized for their impecable style have made some fragrances iconic, like Marilyn Monroe did with Chanel No. 5 or Audrey Hepburn with Acqua di Parma.
To complement a neat outfit full of class, style, elegance and great personality the seal has to be a perfume that represents your true self.

Saks Mexico and Hermès invited us to a brunch where the new fragrance from the French maison called Jour d'Hermès was presented.
Among delicious maccarons and mimosas, we were able to try and smell this sublime fragrance created from fresh white flowers with the concept of light, by Jean-Claude Ellena,  Hermès exclusive perfumist.

This eau de parfum fresh for spring / summer, is very different from what the house had done so far. It has no hints of leather and the bottle created by the artisans of Hermès, celebrates life and embraces the power of the sun god Hermès by letting light in and proudly displaying the maisons symbol at the golden bottle lid.


Something new the maison offeres with this fragrance, it's the refill which can be acquire in stores as well as the creams to complement which complement the experience of Jour d'Hermès.

I definitely loved this perfume for its subtle scent that makes it perfect for day and night as it also complements the personality of a strong confident woman with a sweet yet strong bouquet.
Hermès is a brand distinguished by their craftsmen work quality with the most luxurious materials, like silk for the handpainted scarves and different skins for their bags.
This fragrance is immaculate and flawless just as we could expect it to be!

I would like to thank Saks and Hermés for the nice little gathering and fragrance!
                                                                                                                  Roberta W.P.F

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