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Founding this picture on Instagram literally made my day.
I went crazy, loved it and I died of laughter, because I projected!
I saw myself in 20 years, working in the industry and still obsessed and in love with fashion.
After daydreaming for a bit, I showed this picture to my mother, and our upcoming chic chat  led to  ending the alphabet.
So here it's our ABC of Fashion...

Azzedine Alaia
If you are a shoe lover like me, you'll understand when I tell you that my heart melts every time when someone mentions Alia boots, or as I call them ... 15 cm of sexiness and pure perfection.

Cristóbal Balenciaga was a prestigious Spanish fashion designer, considered one of the most important creators of haute couture.
His ability to create volumes and shapes was amazing; gave the garments a perfect finish, almost sculptural, covering all stitches.
Like this iconic flamenco inspired skirt..

Coco Chanel
Probably one of the most famous women of all time who revolutionized fashion by making 20's fashion a standart of equality and class.

Inspired by history, their creations are always elegant and majestic.

If anything I find attractive, is a man who dresses well and takes risks.
ETRO the King of mix&match is the perfect brand for men and women to dress incredible with lots of patterns and textures.

With an F as in FUR, one of the most amazing things in the world, that Fendi has the power to convert in a statement with bright colors and patterns.

I can not think of anything else than the Horsebit Loafer from 1953. I have a vintage pair from my father, that he never used and I simply adore.
Gucci is celebrating the 60th aniversary of the Horsebit Loafers this year by reinterpreting them in various colors and different materials.

Can be understood as elegance and quality craftsmanship with equine inspiration.
Hermes represents the touch of elegance that every woman should own.

Issey Miyake
Another print obsessed designer who's also a talented perfumist

Jason Wu
Young and talented, has dressed Michelle Obama on numerous occasions

It is an incredibly fun brand that explodes the color to the fullest making them a statement.
My favorite? Leopard in orange and Green!

Trend Alert: sweatshirts are becoming a main piece in every Fashion lover ´s closet because it can be wore with everything from pants to skirts and look amazing.

We couldn't really choose between both amazing names so I will write 2 options on some letters.
First Loewe, a spanish brand specialized in leather goods of the highest quality.  Always renewing itself  without losing the roots of it's  style, which has made their items become family tradition.
The red sole master is known all over the world for his unique shoes.
With a pair you'll be the most most envied girl in the world.

Maison Martin Margiela
Every piece from Margiela is 100% different to any other, that's why it's the best option for if you want to be the center of attention and a street style celebrity.
Imagine this marabú beauty in Snowy NYC on Fashion week... <3

Marc Jacobs
The designer by itself is cool and handsome, but his brand is just beautiful.
Classy, girly everything an edgy uptown girl would want!
Ninna Ricci
Famous for her sweet parfums and lovely comercials...

Oscar de la Renta
He's incredibly talented. Works in every detail creating elegant and eternal pieces for the contemporary woman.
I am delighted to say that my first couture show was his.

Proenza Schouler
The newyorker duet, basics for any fashion lover and Street style star.

 Q as in Queen as in McQueen? seems logical to me.
Gothic inspiration and braveness in his pieces have paralyzed the world with his unique genius.

Roberto Cavalli
The italian designer known for his wild prints, has made the world love his clothes by remaining true to his style!

Stella McCartney
Nobody knew what to expect from a musicians daughter, but she impressed with her work at Chloé and now with her own brand is one of the most wanted names in our closet.
Casual, comfortable and chic outfits is what Stella wants to creat with every piece she makes.

Tommy Hilfiger
All we can say is that he's the king of preppy.

Is an accesible Paradise for us sofisticated girls
Fedoras, gloves, bags, shoes, accesories and everything we want.

Vera Wang
Every bride would kill for one of her dresses and most of them would even say that “A Vera Wang doesn't adapt to you, you adapt to the Vera Wang”

He says it is only good for making clothes, which is a disaster in everything else.
I don't think he's only good but I think he's one of the best designers who can dress the classic women who never loses style, demeanor or education.

Wang, Alexander
The new Emperor of Balenciaga


Yves Saint Laurent
Or as they call it now Saint Laurent (I'm not very happy with the change, it has always ben "YSL")
Has a new dark side were music and Fashion collide. That, I love!

Ermenegildo Zegna has been responsable for dressing gentlemen since 1910.
So this was a bit of Fashion in 25 letters.  
The X is missing, so if you have any ideas leave a comment or send me a message per FB or Twitter!
Thanks for stopping by!
                                                                                                  Roberta W.P.F

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