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Fredo by Melissa López (2011 auction)
When Luis Matin Sordo was 6 years old, his grandmother gave him a teddy bear she had made with the fabric of his favorite blanket.
That bear was a staunch friend for Luis and accompanied him for long.
As the years passed Luis made many dolls, animals, magical characters and bears with different faces, eyes, expressions, sizes, fillings, etc.. .until he reached the "Beautiful Bear" which was almost like the one his grandma had made him.

Fredo by Alfonso Loher (2011 auction)
But, why is this a remarkable story?
Well, nowadays Fredo the bear helps many organizations on behalf of those most in need.
Every year a group of people is chosen to decorate a bear and then sell it in an auction.
Today, the Fredo Bear auction takes place for the fourth time to help Mexican children, at the "Papalote museo del niño"
This year funds will help the following institutions:
KADIMA, B.C. - Inclusion of children, youth and adults with special needs and / or disabilities into society.
CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL OF MEXICO FEDERICO GOMEZ - treating children with cancer.
CASA DE LAS MERCEDES, I.A.P. - Medical and psychological care to children and adolescents living on the streets, raped and battered, and training to reintegrate into society.
DINING MARY, B.C. - Food for children living in extreme poverty.

Fredo by Lorena Ochoa wearing Lacoste (2013 auction)

It's extraordinary to see how many people try to make a difference!
I thinks it's a lovely event and we should support the cause.
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