Beauty Tips: Sandals here we Go!

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Dresses, hats, sunnies, piña colada and sun come along with summer asweel as a pair of gorgeous sandals.
And wearing sandals involves having nice&soft feet and many people have ugly, dry and unkempt hoofs that would scare the hell out of anyone making them wear socks even in the sand. (yuck)

My mother always instilled (or rather never left me) I should never walk barefoot, I always wore socks and talc so that my feet were soft ... but one summer I went to Germany and walked in flip flops 24/7.
It was expected that the plastic hurt my feet and turned them into stone.

So when I return, my mother tald me that if I wanted to get my princess feet back (yes I'm being modest hihihi) I had to subject to a rigorous system: put vaseline every night and sleep with socks.

Vaseline feels funny, but if you do these daily you'll see results in a few weeks

With this you will have no problem in presuming your feet this summer!
Remember that a good pedicure makes your feet look even better.

                                                                                                                                     Roberta W.P.F

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