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Are the key word, which designer Daniela Ferrari uses to describe her brand.
2 weeks ago I visited her showroom to learn a little more about her designs and take a look at "You name it" her Fall Winter 13-14 prét-a-porter collection that was presented at the IDM platform.

The designer, who spent time at the prestigious Marangoni Institute in Milano as a listener and then studied at the "Studio Degli Abiti" in Mexico city, received me in her office and lead me immediately to the showroom were her creations are displayed.
The first thing I noticed was that it looks like a closet, because besides her garments she also has an accesories' corner with a great variaty.
She told me that the main idea of this was that her clients could choose some of her pieces and also have the opportunity to accessorize them in the moment so they  avoid the typical "How can I wear this?" situation.

Amazing jewelry made out of zipper
100% original!

Diego Ibanez
I found it very good because aside from that, many accessories and shoes are from mexican designers like FerZu (jewelry designer) and Diego Ibanez (shoe designer) who have lots of pretty things and having them there helps to promote local talent.

The woman for whom Daniela Ferrari designs is cheerful, feminine, has positive attitude towards life, likes retro-inspired clothes and exclusivity, as the designer only makes 2 or 3 items of each model so that the brand is always very personal and unique.
This sweater is so girly and chic, I'm in love!
If you like lace and transparencies you will love this brand because Daniela is a master when it comes to play with the effects of these fabrics. Her proposals is practicality by which you can buy a translucent dress with different colored backgrounds to give it a twist every time you wear it.
This dress helps the purpose, apart for being so beautiful.

Hand-sticht details are also very present, specially in her bridal gowns with pearl, cristal applications and tul flowers.

Here some of her sketches:

Daniela is a great designer!

Go visit her Showroom at Lieja 28 av. Chapultepec
or check her website for more..
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