Beauty tips: Every woman's fear and how to eliminate it

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Which word can make all women cry?
Yes, cellulite.
The famous "orange peel" affects 90% of women all around the globe and is considered the #1 beauty problem.
But, why do I tell you this? Easy, because summer is about to start and we all want to look beautiful as well as our legs in any swimsuit, skirt or shorts.
That's why I've prepared some tips to get rid of it.

I would recomend you to buy an anti-cellulite cream.
Normally I wouldn't ask you to buy anything but for better and faster results it is neccesary.
My favourite one is Elancyl. I've tryed it and it has very good results, but the cream by itself isn't magic. You need to ease its job by not eating to many fats and doing exercise.
Drink tons of water, minimum 2 liters, try to stop drinking coffe, sodas and canned juices which contain sugar and caffein that makes your blood and lymph circulate slowly and also need massage your legs so that nothing stucks there.

Excercise is very important too so go out for a run or take a spin in your bycicle for 45min every day and I assure you, that you will be rocking your legs this July.

                                                                                                                               Roberta W.P.F

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