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Strange title, right?
Everybody knows how to go shopping and many of us quite love it, but sometimes we just don't know where to start.
Sometimes we see some outfit in a magazine or on a mannequin and when we try it on  we noticed it isn't right for our body shape. Maybe we find an amazing garment and buy it, but when we want to wear it, we notice we have nothing that matches. So that acquisition becomes an expense that we forget in the back of our closet.
Thanks to heaven, we won't have to go through this ever again with 3 simple tips.

1.- When you find a garnment that you love, the first thing you have to do is think of 3 outfits you can create with items from your wardrobe.
If you haven't got at least 3 pieces that match it isn't worth to buy, because you will not have many options and that will make you stop using that piece.

Then think about where you are going to wear it. For example buying a gown if you don't have many formal events would be a silly purchase.

I recently bought this skirt with leather detail, which has become one of my favourites... Here 3 ways to wear it:


2.- Don't buy disposable fashion
Don't buy too many "trendy" pieces, that will be only be used for the season and after a while will become useless.
Buy edgy and daring pieces with longevity. That's the way you will reach perfect balance in your wardrobe.
For example: Ruffles

This is a piece you'll use that season                     These is a 2 piece dress which will also be
and will be a hit, but after a while will                  a hit and will give you more outfit options
become boring.                                                             because you can wear it separated.

3.-Get to know your body
You have to know your body to accept that there are certain things wich don't go with your figure.


Apple: Shape your figure with monotone clothes that highlight your shoulders and legs.                
 The best way to achieve this is by using flashy necklaces, "V" collar blouses and empire waist for non abdomen marking. Coordinate these clothes with knee straight skirts or straight cut pants.
What you should avoid:
-Close-fitting clothing
- Skinny jeans
- Articles of lycra
- Loose clothing
- Printed with repeating patterns (lines, squares)

Pear: Dresses in "A" cut or straples to disguis the hips. Straight cut slacks in neutral colors, sweaters with bare shoulders and straight skirts.
What you should to avoid: 
-Tight skirts
- Tight pants
- Bermuda

Hourglass: Marilyn Monroe and Dita Von Teese belong to this group, as they are characterized by a small waist and a voluptuous chest and hips.
You should wear dresses
attached to your body with thin belts and medium rise jeans.
What you should avoid:
-Very short skirts and dresses
- Drapes or horizontal prints
- Completely hip Jeans
- Halters

Rectangles: You are a woman with straight lines. That means you don't have curves.
But these can be created with dresses that fit at the waist or loose skirts with belts of all styles
The dresses are ideal to accentuate your figure and make you look spectacular.
What you should avoid:
- Skirts and dresses that reach below your knees
- Shirts or blouses with shoulder pads
- Vertical lines

With these 3 tips, shopping will always be thousand times easier, focusing on what we need to show off our body to the máximum and buying longevo clothing with lots of different ways to wear.
so .. Let's go shopping!
                                                                                                                               Roberta W.P.F

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