2013 is emerald !

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First publication of the year!
I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and that all your wishes for this new year come true!
To start with the right foot these year, here the must of 2013.
Runways all around the world have dicatated that the color of this year will be a tone which represents luxury, sophistication, and growth: EMERALD.
This tone will replace "Tangerine Tango" which had its peak last year.
These gemstone color gives us the opportunity to use it´s different shades like mint, turquoise and dark green. 
It doesn´t matter if you wear it as a monocromatic look, degraded or just in accesories... going green will be the hit this 2013.

The garments, I think would be great to have in this color are:
Degraded jumpsuit
Suit                                                                                                                                                               Satin or velvet vest
Accessories such as oversized necklaces, chandelier earrings and bracelets
Linen or lace mini dress
Blouse with neck bow
Evening gown

The best colors to combine emerald are black, royal blue, silver, grey, purple, green, white, brown and smoked red.

Let´s get emerald and rock the sidewalk
                                                                                                              Roberta W. P. F

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