The history of the Hermés Birkin bag

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Some Birkin handbags from Hermès in crocodile skin and diamonds can cost up to 70,000 euros.
If you think that is too much do not worry  can find the cheapest one for 6,000 euros.   
Here is the story of how it was born:

 The French maison de couture Hermès has produced the Birkin for 25 years.
In 1984, Jean Louis Dumas (company president), met on a plane from Paris to London the actress Jane Birkin

Jane was trying to stick her huge straw bag in the plane´s luggage compartmet, but everything fell to the ground.
Jean asked Jane: "why don't you use a normal closed bag?", And Jane responded: " because there are no such large bags to put everything I need: the childrens bottle, a book, a scarf, the phone, a toothbrush, camera, pliers, water bottle, etc..
That is when Jean decided to design a closed bag for Jane Birkin.
That´s how this exclusive and glamorous Birkin bag was born . Jean decided to create limited copies. So if you want to buy a Birkin bag, you will not find it in any Hermés boutique; you must order it and get on the waiting list for at least two years.
You can choose among five types of skins: goat, calf, ostrich, lizard and crocodile. The more exotic, more expensive.

Each bag is handmade by one tanner, who has to work at least for a week to reach the quality standards, these are so high, that only 2% of the skin received, is suitable to use in a Birkin.
Among the fans of this bag are singers, actresses and models, including Katie Holmes, Heidi Klum,
Elle Mcpherson, Alessandra Ambrosio and Madona. But the biggest fan is undoubtedly Victoria Beckham, who owns over 100 Birkin bags.
Each bag comes with a stylish case for storage and a cute golden padlock to close.

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