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"Of course, come on! Let's seat here"- is what designer Alexia Ulibarri answered me.
So I immediately started with the questions.

-What inspired you to create this amazing collection called Lolita?
Well, the collection has two main sources of inspiration.
One is the Bauhaus tredico ballet where I got the color palette, which are pastel-neon. I can't use  bright colors because the woman the ballet talks about has a very nostalgic past, there's where the pink comes from.
The other source of inspiration are the Japanese lolitas, that's why I used round necks and the mix of textures.

-Why did you use a pop element as the Japanese lolitas for the collection?
Because the brand is always inspired by the past.
Lolitas are very pop, but their style is normally inspired by past decades, usually by  the Victorian era.
I wanted to present this antike woman in corsetry, lace and all the romance of Alexia Ulibarri.

-What distinguishes this collection of the above?
We are selling now ready to wear clothing, I started with it in my latest collection, which is already being sold in New York, Milan, Los Angeles, Dubai, Israel and Hong Kong.
It's super-wearable clothing mixed with couture, that's what Lolita is distinguished for. 
That's super important because people in Mexico are already beginning to use fashion daily for their, therefore the runway can't be filed only with couture dresses.
I'm a fan of using couture even with sneackers, but the main idea from the collection is to introduce ready to wear  in a much more elegant and cool way so that everyday clothing has a more elegant and chic twist.


-What is your favorite piece in the collection?
I would say the "Daria skirt", which is black with volume and a crop at the waist.
I really like it because it can be dressed up or down and represents the brand and this ready to wear/couture mixture
-Who can wear your clothes?
Any woman can, because my clothes are made ​​by a super feminine, risky, romantic, and very fashion forward woman who thinks that the key to wear any garment is to mix it with your own style and personality.
So I think my clothes are easy to wear for any kind of woman,.

-What is your must-have in any woman's closet?
As always a little black dress, and that's why I like the "Daria skirt", because it comes from a little black dress which can be worn to work and then accessorize for a party.

I loved interviewing a designer as talented as Alexia and see that despite her success, there remains a beautiful, open, funny and easy-going person.
Lolita is a collection I trully adore. My favorite pieces were a studded blazer, the loose and vaporouse pants with this amazing print eyeglasses (the image of the collection), the "Daria skirt" and a black and White long dress with leather aplications.

All clothes were fresh, cute and with thousands of possible combinations, which as Alexia  said makes it a super-wearable collection and the fact that the pieces are part couture,  is for fashion lovers a great opportunity to dress in a chic and sophisticated way most of the time without having to go through life in a gown.

I would like to thank Alexia Ulibarri for letting me interview her and for the support she showed while I told her about this Project.

                                                                                                          Roberta W. P. F
                                                                                                           (Photos by me)


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    1. Sí en efecto vivo en México,pero mi público no es sólo de este país.

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