Pear & Cucumber refreshing face mask

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Hey beauties, welcome back to another beauty post on My Vintage Armoire!
Last week I shared with you the path for perfect skin: ICING 
Now I've prepared this little recipe to help moisture your skin after that procedure. You know, a mask to refresh in this summer heat.
Leave a commento below telling me how you felt...
Happy spa day!

Pear and Cucumber Refreshing Face Mask
This recipe is not only freshbut also helps smoothe irritation and soften skin.

You need:
- 1 ripe pear
-  1/2 a cucumber
- 1 TbS Olive oil

Chop the pear and cucumber into cubs and add it together with the olive oil it into the blender.
Blend well until it has turned into a paste to help exfoliate the skin.
Apply this mask on the areas you want to moisturize or inflammation for 20 minutes and rinse with cold water.
Afterwards use your moisturizer and instantly your skin will look healthy and rested.

Enjoy the heat and stay gorgeous!

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