MVA 2nd Anniversary!

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Well, first things first... Happy tuesday guys, hopefully you are starting this week with the right heel! :)
As you might have read on MVA's social media, we are celebrating our second anniversary and I'm thrilled!
October the 2nd has become one of the most awaited dates on my calendar because it is when we celebrate the birth of a dream...
It is a celebration of the day I decided to take a leap in the direction where there was no trail, to start building my own path into the life I dreamt and still dream of living.
It's unbelievable how quickly time has passed and how in only two years since I started this journey, I've had the chance to meet extraordinary, talented, creative and intelligent people in the most dreamy events while doing what I love as a part time job collaborating with known publications, with you guys supporting me.
Truth be told I had been waiting this day for quite a few months and wanted to throw a big party, however when it finally arrived, I found myself immersed in the beautiful chaos of Fashion Week and stressful season of school finals.... Which might have been clear because of my lack of minute-tweeting before, during and after every show.
That's something I dislike for sure and have been struggling for the past seasons; the fact that my favourite month (Fashion months appart from December of course) simultaneously takes place with the most mentally exhausting weeks of my academic year it's sad, nevertheless is great to have some couture to nourish your neurons while taking a break from studying.
It's amazing how things can change in a year.
Last year's anniversary I wrote the story of how My Vintage Armoire came to life... But this year has been all about development.
I've been finding myself writting a lot lately and not precisly about Fashion, but about life.
I've been taking a little deeper approach on things regarding love or even the mistery of women footwear mostly due to the fact that I'm a teenager with a head full of tangled questions and theories who knows that the only way to conquer her mind and confidence is to get them out.
The first time I wrote one of my "friday night reflexions" I was scared, I felt like I had just undressed my thoughts and exposed them for everyone to see, but then you guys responded. Not with judgement, but with encouraging words saying you felt the same way.
Needless to say, THAT is the purpouse of all these... To share not only supernal experiences, dreams and luxurious clothes, but to share life, from guides to clean your closet, to hair cuts, to heart-breaks, to shoe shopping (best way to recover from a breakup if you ask me..)
Of course this deeper take has a lot to do with me changing, not only my haircut, but my take on life priorities, which has reflected on my style evolution.
It's funny to see how while rediscovering old pastimes and finding renewed fullfillment in them, water coloring, healthy cooking, or trainig for example, you also discover how much you've found yourself.
I didn't dress well two years ago (Let's be realistic like IGGY) , I didn't wear makeup or even like mascara, because I thought it made my lashes look bulky and now, here I am a complete NARSissit (read post to undestand), heel obsessed fashion junkie who's biggest fear on a daily basis is to waste a good outfit on an insignificant day. (Ok, not my biggest....That's me being fashionably dramatic, but somehow honest)
Being serious again, My Vintage Armoire is not my space to talk about Fashion anymore, it is my refuge and the only thing I have 100% control of.
I might not know where I am going, I might know nothing about boys or how life will look in the future, in fact I might be clueless about many things and not even know what will happen tomorrow or where I'l be and what will happen then ... The only thing I know is that I can write here about now. Discuss Frankl's psychology, the operation of a muscle, the intertextuality that lies in a haircut, the antipyretic remedy against sales, the best technique to remove old dress spectra from a closet, the  layering theory, the equation to go from cheap to chic and my beloved days at fashion week, which although they are a little messy to plan, are worth every second that I get to look at the pristine work of each designer, which in the end makes ​​me realize how much I love the industry, which I now know a bit better and live intensely thanks to you reading these words.
I can only thank you for joining me on this adventure, because this beloved treasure would be nothing without the presence of all of you.
Designers who make this world more beautiful, PRs inviting me to the scene, friends who endure my jibber jabber about tulle and leather, family who has been my mainstay through out this entire journey and my beloved readers supporting, encouraging and following me every step of the way.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining and being part of this ... we still have a long way to go.

¿Qué les puedo decir? La verdad es que a penas puedo contener mi emoción en estos momentos.
2 años.. 2 años se dicen fácil pero la verdad es que han pasado dejando un millón de anécdotas y experiencias increíbles a su paso.

This is MY FASHION SONG, I heard it at my first exclusive event at the opening of the chanel Pop Up Store almost a year ago and every time I listen to it I get goose bumps oof excitenment!

Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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