The mechanics of the heart

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"It's impossible" said pride supported by fear.
"It's risky" said conscious encouraged by experience.
"It's pointless" screamed negativity from behind.
"Give it a try" whispered the heart. -RWPF

Have you ever payed attention or thought about how your heart really works?
Not on an emotional level, but on a purely visceral?

Close your eyes.
Clear your mind.
Enjoy the silence.
No, not silence...There never is.

1..2..3...  1..2..3...
Yes, brutal and disturbingly exhilarating pounding...

Now concentrate... Sense it.
The more you think about it, the stronger it becomes. 
You feel its warm echo inside your eardrums, its evenly rythm wobbling up and down your chest, its harsh and vital power rushing through every nerve and tissue in your body.
Then suddenly you remember something...
Start breathing in, breathing out, making the sanguine fluid flow even through the most hidden recesses in your veins.
You savagely open your eyes with dilated pupils as memories unleash highly reactive brain chemicals that trigger a violent bloodstream suddenly palpable by the burning color of your face and clenched fists.

Make a pause. 
Close your eyes.
Control your mind.
Now you are pale, calmed and pale.
Funny how much dominion the mind has over every inch of every cell in our body, which blindly obeys the whims of a mysterious dictator who, at the same time, meets resistence when having to comply its own set of rules proving how trully rebellious and untameable we are in our most primal thoughtless state.
Start breathing deeper, slowly in and out as you've decided to dig profoundly in other recollections.
Then you blush, giggle, pound synchronously with another soul hidden in the caves of another ribcage.
1,1...2,2...3,3...  1,1...2,2...3,3...
Pounds fiercely expanding the blue cavities of your plasma pipes carrying away life.
This bloody movement is nothing and has nothing to do with what you actually think it does.
Your heart is not responsable for the love or hate you feel, but simply works as an engine of life that makes it all possible.
Curious how you can really get physically hurt for what happens within your mind.
You can feel empty as if some dark claws had just taken a piece out of you, and feel as if ambition had left your soul, because that little contractile muscle is the only one who can refuse to obey reason, logic and experience.
The heart is as much an enemy of the mind as the mind itself,  but even though they might face the same monster, they will never be on the same side of the war.
The heart is the only one who can betray and show the darkest most protected thoughts with a simple contraction.
Your face, body language, attitude, even the words you speak may say something... But your heart, your blood flow, will always tell the truth.
It is as powerful as it is delicate and depends just as much on you as you depend on it to survive.
That's how it works...
It's not only blood that flows through your veins...
There's life, memories, rebellion and feeling as well... All created by the connection between a red engine and a soul.
Xoxo, RWPF

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