Moonshine Jungle

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"You know you look even better than the way you did the night before
And the moment that you kissed my lips you know I started to feel wonderful
It's something incredible, there's sex in your chemicals
let's go!
You're the best way I know to escape the extraordinary
This world ain't for you, and I know for damn sure this world ain't for me
Lift off and say goodbye
Just let your fire set me free
Moonshine, take us to the stars tonight
Take us to that special place
That place we went the last time, the last time.
I know, I was with you last night but it feels like it's been so long
And everybody that's around they know that im not myself when you are gone
It's good to see you again, good to see you again...
On top of the world!
Is where I stand when you're back in my life
Life's not so bad when you're way up this high
Everything is alright, everything is alright
Moonshine, take us to the stars tonight
Take us to that special place
That place we went the last time, the last time..

Shirt/Bruno Mars Moonshine Tour
Chocker/Rosa Paris Accesorios
Shoes/David Salomon

I never really go crazy... But when I do, I evoke my inner rockstar.

I've never been t-shirt obsessed.
I don't tend to buy one at every place I visit even though I love it there, however there's a very cool factor about concert shirts that we can't deny.
People go out of the arena after 2 hours of great exhilaration music and agree to buy one with the idea of feeling that way every time they wear them.
The saddest part is, that most of the time they just end up wearing them as PJ's on a lazy sunday morning while browsing the internet. (With a roocker heart and soul no doubt)
So the appropiate question is... HOW DO YOU STYLE A CONCERT SHIRT?
Vintage rock shirts made a HUGE comeback this year as part of the high/low trend.
So, I did not even hesitate when I saw this one at the Moonshine Jungle Tour from BRUNO MARS... Yes, it was THAT amazing!
What you need to keep in mind with t-shirts is that in order to make themlook cool, you have to get rid of the lazy-sunday-comfy-in-my-sweatpants idea.
Take a moment to think about your most elegant pieces, and then mix them with this type of shirts.
Think about stilettos, leather pants and a Gun's n' Roses crop top. Or an Aerosmith T with a White lace skirt.
Options are infinite, you just have to think about things on the other side of the spectrum. 
Yellow, groovy and cool I could only think in this black leather pencil skirt to complement the yuxtaposition between rocker and classy, which in my opinión, matched pretty well.
The shirt was already bright enough, reason why it wouldn't really matter that my shoes where all red and popping creating balance between the ruby details on the top as well.
Would a little animal print be too much?
PLEASE, we are talking about the Moonshine JUNGLE tour, a little wildness was more than necessary!
To give the finishing touches of rocker glam, I decided to go golden with a fabulous chocker, 6 knucklerings and a pair of sunnies.
What do you guy's think, is it cool enough?

Xoxo, RWPF

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