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There are very few things more iconic than a classic tweed piece...

Some view it as an itchy, stuffy, stodgy fabric only worn by old men and college professors, until Coco Chanel came along and inspired by her love, the Duke of Westminster, turned it into something legendary.
Beginning in 1924 this women transformed the formely called "obsolete cloth" in the most desired weave to use in the making of everything from dresses and now world famous jackets, to elegant sportswear. Now we cherish it as a timeless basic, perfect in every color and garnment and worn in the most casual and couture events.
I've worn this skirt in tons of formal looks; with peplums and white shirt a la devil wears prada, so I figured out that a denim shirt would be a fresh twist that could accordinlgy add to the entire ensamble the casual factor.
The thing about making this odd combinations of high/low and casual/elegant creates an effortless chic outfit in the blink of an eye.
It was the first time I wore this beauty on a daily bases and was super excited that I quickly took a pair of heels and bag to go eat my favourite mint icecream and enjoy an afternoon stroll at the park.
It was the perfect weekend.

Denim shirt/GAP
Necklaces/ Forever 21 and Tiffany&Co.
Do you guys like it?

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Xoxo, RWPF

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