The Future is Gold

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"The past can be beautiful, a memory, a dream, but it’s no place to live.  And now it’s time, the only way out, is up. It’s not heaven. It’s a new world. The future is gold"

 J'adore Dior was born as a way for John Galliano to leave his mark in Christian's maison.
His very first collection was inspired by the masai women, who usually wear dozens of golden necklaces as ornament to elongate their necks, which then served as guide line to create the magnificent bottle. The name?
Well, this design genius couldn't pronúnciate a word in french at the time of his early beginnings at Dior, but J'adore! He adored this, and that and everything involving the creative process of something new. This way, a great designer managed to leave his hidden print in something ever iconic, that even though he had to abruptly and scandalously leave, prevails.
That is one of the main reasons why I like this perfume so much, not only because of it's scent and appealing tv spots picturing wonderful eleggant women, but because of the yuxtaposition between the simplicity of it's bottle to the story behind it.
This year J'adore has a new and more powerful meaning. The Future Is GOLDEN.
Words we should all live by every day,don't you think?
Xoxo, RWPF

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