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The W Bag
As obsessed with fashion as I am I continuously fall in love with something else; and I've happened to develop a rather special attraction to one of the latest LV bags in the market.

Why is that?
Well, as I wrote a few months back on Facebook, Miss Woodworth needs a new bag and funny coincidence Le French mason designed one matching her last name.
Can this be called anything else than destiny? Nope. I didn't think so either.
This new silhouette is the epitome of an elegant tote.
Big, yet structured which makes it functional, chic and for that a must have for the stylish woman, because a huge purse with stumbling things inside is nothing but stressful!
This model gives a colorful twist to the iconic monogram to make a daily statement perfectly pairable with anything, from jeans to leather skirts.
 Red? Yellow? 
I wouldn't know which one to choose.
I would probably go with the yellow one to make an unforgettable entrance! 
So, they say that hard work pays off, and I'm planning to turn my paycheck into the number one item on my wishlist soon! 
(Ok, not that soon but we'll get there! )
Then you'll have me bragging about my matching bag Hahaha
Well, a girl is about to dream right? 
What's on your qishlist right now? 
Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F 

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