Beauty: DIY Bronzing Cream

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Summer is the perfect time to rock skirts and shorts, but it's always best to prepare and show a little sun kissed skin than your milky self. (Well, that applies to me) It is a thousand times more attractive, and your legs will look more stylish and toned up. Either way sun tanning can't be Plan A anymore because of the atmosphere condiciones and huge amount of UV light we absorbe daily that in excesos is causing the increasing rate of skin cancer in the entire world.
So, using a bronzer is the best option to give that tropical glow to our face.
And to match up the entire body there's a very easy recipe to make a suntan cream.

You need:
-Bronzing Powder
The bronzing powder may be cheap, because you ares gong to gradually mix it with the cream, so it isn't sorth investing. Nevertheless make it matches your skin color. It shouldn't be too shiny, dark or orange, but give a little extra glow to your skin and even your face with your body.
Following up, you should put cream in a container and gradually add the powder until you reach the desired tone and .... Voilà!
There you have your new tanning cream!
It's healthier, easier and cheaper than any other!
Have fun getting sun kissed!
Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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