Beauty: Jeu d'Amour

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Kenzo is love.

With each fragrance and collection the french brand takes us to a romantic promenade in Paris.
However this new fragrance is not about love. It is about reseduction and reseduction is about breacking the routine and finding the little sparkle that made you fell in love in the first place.
And so, we were invited to the Ethra Gallery to play a little sexy game. Ok we didn't actually play but the entire escence of the fragrance actually invites you to have fun.
So, gloomy and classic Paris was changed for hot and tropical Cuba to shot the campaign video in la Habana where actress Louise Bourgoin  and a very handsome gentleman seem to be having lots of fun playing poker at a bar. Of course this play is a little more..romantic... but that bit of excitement is the new exhilarating facet of Kenzo. 
This perfume celebrates life and the joy of ever renovating love with hints of rose, pomegranate, sanguine tangerine, tuberose, freesia, white tea, musk and sandalwood that perfectly complement the new star in Kenzo fragrances, nard.
This white indian flower is the first of it's kind to be portrait as the protagonist in a fragrance from the brand.
It is fresh, sweet yet durable and most importantly memorable and not overwhelming as Patrick Guedj, creative director of the brand and creator of the tv spot told me. 
This scent made even those two birdies fall in love at the launch.
I've tryed many fragrances, but I hate how I can get tired of them while wearing them 3 days in a row. Maybe I'm weird, but depending my mood they smell different to me or cause allergic reactions. The nerd explanation is that everything has to do with the sweat, but after this little flings I've always wanted to reach commitment and marry a fragrance so that people recognize my entry by scent.
Yep, that's me being old school. 
Well, I couldn't wait till this beauty hit stores to try and of course I loved it (my mother wanted to keep it hehehe) It's delicious and makes you feel so amazing, specially when people tell you how wonderful your perfume is.
If you collect bottles you'll be interest to know that this one is a remastered version of love by Kenzo with a very attractive nude gradient and sharper edges portraing this edgier idea of seduction.  
Most appealing to me is the box, it's funny though, but even Patrick Guedj agreed with me hehehe
Very flirty....
I assure you that this is a fragrance you'll love, this unusual flowers will give your everyday beauty routine a fresh twist!
Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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